Oct 27, 2012 -- 8:17pm

LOOPER  Movie Review      4 out of 4

Just when you feared that Hollywood had run out of fresh ideas, here comes Rian Johnson’s inventive, exciting and thoughtful thriller, LOOPER. It’s the best time travel film I’ve ever seen. The plot summary: It’s the year 2044 and time travel has yet to be invented, but criminals from the future { 2074} are sending back victims in time to 2044 to be killed by hitmen. Loopers are the contract killers, who have agreed, rather shortsightedly, to tie up loose ends by killing the 2074 version of themselves. The assassins are called loopers because they know that in 30 years they will be killed by a younger version of themselves, thus closing the loop. I LOVE intelligent sci-fi, but too often in these endeavors the characters get lost in the storytelling, like in Prometheus. What sets LOOPER apart, is that Johnson makes sure we care about the characters, they are well developed and must face interesting moral and ethical questions. Joseph Gordon Levitt is tremendous as the loner, antihero assassin. Bruce Willis is terrific as the 30 year older version of Levitt. Their scene together in a diner is one of the best scenes this year in cinema. Imagine sitting over lunch talking to a 30 year older version of yourself. Freaky. The supporting cast is top notch, including the young Pierre Gagnon, who is extraordinary as Cid. His mom is cleverly performed by Emily Blunt, who is just so likable in everything. The script is smart and polished, events move along in hard hitting fashion. About half way thru, the film takes an unpredictable and shrewd turn. I don’t want to reveal anymore, the plot developments are better discovered while viewing. The last time a film garnered 4 stars from me was in 2008 { The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire}. I’m a tough grader. Greatness to me is reserved for films where everything works together in perfect harmony, like a great basketball team. In LOOPER the story is original and suspenseful. The characters are well thought out and brilliantly portrayed. It is a film that is engaging, entertaining, affecting and insightful. It is one of the best Sci-Fi films I’ve seen in years. A MUST SEE !!!!

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