Oct 10, 2012 -- 7:26pm

{musings and observations from 14 nonstop hours of Sunday viewing and eating}

Vikings 30 Titans 7    Vikes are 4-1 tied for the 2ndbest record in the NFL, but are they legit? Not Yet, Christian Ponder continues to improve ,he can run and make the short throw, but he is limited by arm strength. Love the way Minny uses Percy Harvin, split out wide, in the backfield on runs, speed sweeps, when he is healthy, he’s explosively fast. Nice to see Adrian Peterson running over people again, his recovery is remarkable.

The Titans offense is a mess right now. If Chris Johnson can’t run it, and Sunday he couldn’t, there seems to be no plan B. Thru 3 quarters, the Titans had 86 yards of offense.

Patriots 31 Broncos 21   2 weeks in a row the Pats have run for 200 yards plus. Tom Brady and a balanced attack will give future opposing d-coordinators nightmares. What happens to Wes Welker’s recent productivity when TE Aaron Hernandez returns?

Denver drops to 2-3 despite the efforts the great Peyton Manning. He dissected the Pats secondary to the tune of 31 of 44 for 345 yards 3 tds and 0 ints. He hasn’t thrown a pick since the 1stquarter of the Falcons game. The team around him must improve, especially the defense. The orange crush allowed 250 yds rushing, and New England converted 11 of 17 3rddowns. Denver is in S.D. next, and could be looking at 2-4.

49ers 45 Thieves 3  San Fran is one of, if not the best team in the NFL. However, no one ever confused Alex Smith with Joe Montana or Steve Young, An offensive juggernaut they are not. That was before they had the pleasurable experience of opposing the Buffalo defense. The 49ers last 5 possessions results: TD TD TD TD TD nice job defense. A truly horrendous effort by the Bills devoid of any level of intensity or professionalism. Frank Gore running thru cavernous holes, 49ers WR’s WIDE OPEN without a Bills defender in the same area code, the pass rush non-existent, and the tackling hideous. I wonder if the Bills defenders can look their employer in the eye this week when they pick up their paychecks? San Francisco rushed for an astounding 300 yds!!!!  They totaled a mind boggling 621 yds!!! Its hard to do that vs air. The Bills defenders are stealing money.

Ravens 9 Chiefs 6 Why hasn’t Romeo Crennel benched Matt Cassel? Thru the first 38 KC offensive plays, he allowed the QB to pass 4 times. If you have no trust in the player, which is obvious, then replace him. Give your team some hope. When Cassel was KO’d amidst cheers, Brady Quinn nearly rallied them to victory.

The Ravens have been uncharacteristically leaky against the run. KC, with no threat at QB, had 179 yds rushing at the half.


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