Sep 26, 2012 -- 8:02am

{ thoughts and observations from 14 hours of nonstop Sunday viewing}

Bears 23  Rams 6      For all the grief Jay Cutler gets, and some of it is deserved, the Bears are still struggling to protect him, and 3 more drops by Chicago receivers. Michael Bush is a good insurance policy for Matt Forte. Despite offensive issues the Bears still bring a formidable defense, they held the Rams to 3 yards of total offense in the 1stquarter, sacked Bradford 6 times {Bears have 14 sacks in 3 games} gave up only 6 pts and scored 7 on an interception. Look like a playoff team.

Texans 31 Broncos 25  I thought Houston’s o-line would take a step back having lost 2 starters from last year. WRONG, they might be the best group in the league, and Arian Foster and Ben Tate are a terrific one two punch. Foster does a wonderful job of patiently   setting up his blocks. Matt Shaub was outstanding, tossing a couple of gorgeous deep balls, and he does an excellent job of carrying out his playaction  fakes, which adds to the deception. Add to this a relentless defense with 3 guys who can pressure the qb, and what you have right now, is the best team in the NFL

Kansas City 24 Aints 21   You’re 0-2, up 24-6 at home with 5 minutes left in the 3rdquarter , and lose? The Saints are DONE, put it in the books and file it. Jamal Charles running thru holes you could drive a bus through. Where are the Saints defenders? Matt Cassell shredding the secondary like mozzarella cheese. Time for Saints fans to break out the paper bags again.

Raiders of the lost cause 34 Steelers 31  How do you lose when your QB Big Ben  is 36 for 46 for 386 yards with 4 tds and 0 ints? Ask Dick LeBeau, the apparently near senile Defensive coordinator, who stood idly by, with his thumb in his mouth, and allowed and aging and diminished Carson Palmer to carve his defense up like a Halloween pumpkin. A pitiful loss to an injury ravaged inferior team. The anemic Raiders had a total of 4 possessions in the 2ndhalf. The results: TD,TD,FG, FG. Zero stops, zero adjustments. An utterly horrendous job, by the ancient and doddering coach, who if he had any sense of integrity, would donate his paycheck to charity. Woeful preparation, he and his defensive staff should be embarrassed and ashamed......

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