I have no idea

Apr 29, 2013 -- 9:16am

The Falcons picked two cornerbacks in the 1st two rounds of the NFL Draft which I am ok with but I still wonder about the lack of pass rush on this team. In fact Thomas Dimitroff has only taken 1 Defensive lineman in the 1st two rounds of the draft once in 6 drafts.

Ok so I have no idea if these teams had good or bad drafts but I know they had really interesting drafts.

1 - 49ers - took Marcus Lattimore in 4th Round

2 - Ravens - Picked Matt Elam to play Ed Reed's spot and picked Arthur Brown to play Ray Lewis spot.

3 - Arizona - picked Tyranne Mathieu in 3rd round

4 - St. Louis traded down and got Olec Ogletree at # 30 in 1st round

5 - Seattle - Picked Jesse Williams from Bama in 4th Round and Tharold Simon in the 5th and Spencer Ware from LSU in the 6th.


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