My Monday 5

Feb 04, 2013 -- 9:44am

Monday Quick thoughts

1 - Joe Flacco has his ring and played his tail off but he still doesn't crack my top 5 QB's if I'm picking teams next year. I still go with Brady, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Ben Rothlisberger.

2 - Beyonce is spectacular in every way...

3 - I can't wait to watch Kris Medlen get the ball every 5 days and now he will get 30 starts which will be nice for Braves fans.

4 - I have no doubt that Josh Smith will be traded. I just wonder where this team finds its next star to build around.

5 - We are facing another empty college basketball March in our state unless some miracle happens in a conference tournament and that stinks.

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