Quick thoughts

Dec 03, 2012 -- 9:51am

Quick thoughts

1- Georgia's loss was one of the most painful losses we have seen locally in years. I do start to wonder if we are cursed around these parts.

2 - I liked the BJ Upton signing a lot and I think it will look better if Wren can find a quality leadoff hitter who can play LF

3 - The Falcons are 11-1 yet they keep getting abused for winning close games. Meanwhile the 49ers who the national media loves lost the Rams. SF has losses to Minnesota, St. Louis,  a blowout at home against the Giants and a tie at home with the Rams..hmmm

4 - I still think Georgia Tech should have declined a bowl invite. Nothing says a great season like 6-8 after they lose to USC

5- The Hawks have been entertaining to watch thus far. Its been so nice not seeing Joe and Marvin slowing things down

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