It Makes Perfect Sense

Nov 19, 2012 -- 10:14am

So Georgia has a chance to play for the BCS Title with wins over  Georgia Tech and Alabama. This is the same Georgia team that got crushed a month ago in Columbia, South Carolina. This is the same Georgia team that had a head coach on the hotseat and has a QB that still hasn't played well in a big game. All that said...Georgia could be two wins away from changing everything we thought we knew about them.

So Georgia Tech is going to play for the ACC Title. This is the same team that got crushed at home by Middle Tenn St. and BYU. This is the same Georgia Tech that blew a 17 point lead to Miami. Now if Georgia Tech can find a pull an upset at Georgia and against FSU in the ACC Championship game they will change everything we knew we knew about them as well.

So the Falcons beat Arizona and improved to 9-1 on a day when Matt Ryan threw 5 INT's and the Falcons turned the ball over 6 times. The Falcons can clinch the NFC with wins over Tampa Bay and New Orleans in the next 10 days.

None of this makes any sense....

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