The Chase is on...

Nov 13, 2012 -- 9:01am

The Falcons lost for the 1st time this season and the fact that it came against the Saints hurts but the big picture is still very good for the birds. With 7 games left you can start focusing on the chase for home field advantage in the NFC now. In my opinion the two home field spots will come down to 3 teams, the Falcons, the Bears and the 49ers. Here is how the schedules compare for all 3 teams down the stretch.


Falcons: 8-1

vs Arizona

at Tampa Bay

vs New Orleans

at Carolina

vs New York

at Detroit

vs Tampa Bay


Bears: 7-2

at San Fran

vs Minnesota

vs Seattle

at Minnesota

vs Green Bay

at Arizona

at Detroit


49ers: 6-2-1

vs Chicago

at New Orleans

at St. Louis

vs Miami

at New England

at Seattle

vs Arizona

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