Would Braves fans be ok with this

Oct 15, 2012 -- 9:38am

I was thinking about free agency and some of the tough decisions that Frank Wren will have to make. Assuming they don't break the bank to keep Michael Bourn, the Braves will have the bucks to sign a good LF and CF.  How about adding Nick Swisher for LF and Angel Pagan in CF. This is how the Braves lineup could look.

1 - Angel Pagan - CF
2 - Martin Prado - 3rd
3 - Jason Heyward - RF
4 - Dan Uggla - 2nd
5 - Freddie Freeman - 1B
6 - Nick Swisher - LF
7 - Brian McCann - C
8 - Andrelton Simmons - SS

I am thinking the Braves will pick up McCann's option. This will give the Braves a lot of balance in the order with 2 switch hitters and you go can lefty, righty all throughout the lineup.

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