This really could happen

Sep 21, 2012 -- 8:20am

I have a scenario that could have the Falcons in complete control of the NFC South after just 4 weeks the season.

It starts with the Falcons winning in San Diego and then following it up with a win next Sunday at home against Carolina. That would give the Falcons a 4-0 start.

Carolina who lost on Thursday to the Giants would be 1-3 after the loss in Atlanta.

Tampa Bay is in Dallas this week and at home with RGIII next Sunday. They could very easily be 1-3.

The Saints who are already 0-2 face a must win this Sunday against KC and then head to Green Bay next Sunday. I think they will be 1-3.

Imagine just a month into the season the Falcons could have a 3 game lead in the division. That gives the birds a lot of margin for error and sets them up for the most important 1st step for any NFL team and that is winning their division. We'll see if my scenario comes true...

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