Do It Now

Jan 27, 2013 -- 4:52pm

In that headline I'm talking to Danny Ferry and I'm talking about trading Josh Smith. He is in the final year of his contract, he almost certainly wants a bigger contract than he got last time (5 years, 58 million) and the Hawks almost certainly won't give him a bigger contract than that. Thus, he's leaving and the team will get nothing in return.

Part of this equation is that the Hawks as currently constructed are not going to win an NBA championship this season. No way, no how. Honestly, I doubt this team will win a playoff series. They work hard, they're fun to watch, they can shoot. That's about it, and I see that equaling a 1st round loss.

Atlanta already has a roster with several expiring contracts and there should be plenty of money available this off-season to pursue free agents. I don't care. Trade Josh Smith for another expiring contract and any sort of high draft pick or decent player. As of today, Smith is an asset. As of June, he won't be. Get SOMETHING for him, and do it now.

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