My Wagering Point of View

Oct 15, 2012 -- 12:08am

If I were gambling on college football, or any sport, the number one rule I would have is:

- only bet straight plays.


Simple enough, right? Teasers and parlays are a lot of fun, but I've realized the best chance of making a profit is to only bet sides and totals, no proposition plays.

Also, a rule of thumb I would follow is never lay points on the road in a conference game. I violate that from time-to-time, such as this past weekend with Alabama and Louisville, but it has to be a perfect situation for me to do that.

In general, taking the underdog and playing the under, as well, have both served me well.

There are more, but most of you just listen on Friday afternoons at 5:00 to get my free selection so I guess I'll dispense my advice then and there.




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