Don't Forget to Give Credit

Oct 07, 2012 -- 11:42pm

Yes, Georgia was blown out by a quality opponent once again. Yes, almost all of us expected so much more. And, yes, there is a lengthy list of items for Coach Mark Richt and his assistants to start working on as UGA attacks the final six games of this season in hopes of returning to the Georgia Dome in December as East Division champions. But let's all give credit.

South Carolina is an outstanding football team and they earned the victory this past Saturday night in Columbia. The Gamecocks aren't four touchdowns better than Georgia, but they're better. The SEC is a line of scrimmage conference and SC just whipped Georgia on both lines virtually all night. Throw in one of the best running backs in the country and a quarterback that is far better than almost anyone gives him credit for, and it was the perfect recipe for a big win.

Just because most of us didn't see it coming doesn't make it any less legitimate. So while this week it will be popular to pile on Georgia, don't forget to give credit to the kids wearing the white helmets this past weekend.

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