Game ON

Aug 07, 2014 -- 6:03pm

So Fall is right around the corner. September baseball (with a hopeful eye on October) and Football all around us.

Have to believe for a lot of you guys. It’s about to become "Game On" as a sports fan.

So lets try something different.

No predictions. No bold statements. No "Wins-Losses" guessing game. 

How about some good old fashioned fandom with a dash or two of reality and hope?

How about before we all get crazy (and we will) about actual outcomes. We all just take a minute to remember why we 



I'd imagine most of us would come up with the same overall answers. But everyones individual story will be a little different.

Was it handed down from someone in your family? Mom..Dad..Older brother...Uncle? 

Was it a radio "thing"..or a gather round the tv "thing"?

Were you lucky enough to go to a lot of games..or was it a single game or two that got you hooked?

Was it a certain team..or player..or moment that got you so happy or depressed or mad that you realized you were in?

Have you moved and adopted the "home teams"? Or do you root from afar now?

Have you..get to share it with YOUR family now? Kids..extended family..built in rivalries through marriage? (Or divorce)

Best moments? Worst moments? (You know..the ones that "test" us)

Do you root for someones "awful" as much as you root for "your guys"? (It's Ok. Most of us do. And most people KNOW we do. Might be cathartic to just put it out there)

That road trip that was worth the $ (And the hangover. Or maybe even the arrest. Wait. What?)

Do you need to watch "Big Games" alone? Or do you like communal?

Lucky sweatshirt? Lucky Chair? 

Have you ever blamed yourself for a loss? (Spoke to soon during a game and it went to crap)

Or given yourself credit for a win? (Didn't get up once during the second half or for the last 5 innings. Damn near wet myself..but it was worth that bladder infection to do my part)

If you've ever



sometimes you just have to remind yourself "Why?"

Before you get crazy..give yourself that minute. I just did. And it's amazing how many things...moments..will fill your head.

The players..some "Heroes"...some "Villains". Great catches. Bad fumbles. The stories behind the games. Where you were. Why you weren't someplace. Unexpected wins. Bad beats. 

But better than'll be amazed by how many people will fly by in your visual rolodex. Some are gone. Some I haven't seen or talked to or thought about for DECADES. But they just came to life. Clear as day.

You're not owed anything as a fan. That's a cold hard reality.

But what you DO get out of it..pretty special

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