Random Thoughts for 3/2/15

Mar 02, 2015 -- 8:41am

BRAVES - A new day in Orlando

After a week with the 2015 Braves in Orlando, it tells the story that the biggest buzz in camp was about a player changing his name. Now we know that Melvin Upton will miss some time with a toe injury so the competition to fill his spot begins.

In reality, the Braves are a pretty quiet bunch. It seems that with so many new faces and personalities, this group will take some time to mesh. Thats fine, because nobody was thinking this team was ready to win a World Series anyway.

The national media rolling through camp is unanimous in their belief that the replenishing of the farm system with off-season trades was a success. I choose to hold off that assessment until we see some of these players materialize at the major league level.

John Hart is different than Frank Wren. I always appreciated Wren and his candor, while Hart is very patient and willing to delve deeper into this plans.

We will make our season call in a few weeks after our next visit. Right now, I think that the 73.5 wins that Las Vegas has set as the over/under is an easy choice. OVER!


Buck always tells me that I spend too much time worrying about the "messaging". I read too much into sound bites and player answers. Over the years there have been many situations where that was proven true.

I'm liking the Falcons vibe under Dan Quinn, most of all the fact they appear devoted to building this thing patiently. Quinn has resisted the urge to predict win totals, make promises or grand statements. He has seen the books. He knows what a disaster the roster is and will begin to attack the clean up efforts.

Quinn seems methodical and enthusiastic. He better be!


One thing is clear, the Hawks are selling a lot of merchandise! In the past month I have seen ten times more Hawks gear than ever before in Atlanta. Good for them! People are enjoying the story and soaking it in.

Enjoy the ride. I think playoff basketball is a different animal. I have not figured out yet whether this team will be able to rebound enough or continue to live by the outside shot come playoff time.


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