Random Thoughts for 9/17

Sep 17, 2015 -- 8:53am

Falcons Strong Debut

In the first half, they looked like an entirely new ball club. In the second half, it looked like the Mike Smith era at the end. Luckily, Chip Kelly went soft and tried to rush a field goal and the Falcons survived for a 26-24 victory. I was impressed by a lot of things.

1) The defense attacked from sideline to sideline and stuffed the run. If that trend continues this team could make a serious jump.

2) For one game, the offensive line meshed beautifully. Credit goes to the coaching staff for getting them ready to play. I need to see more, but that was a great sign. Loved TeCo and his ability to squirm for an extra yard or two. Looks promising.

3) The Dome had a great atmosphere. The fans were really into it. The Falcons stadium presentation is quite out of whack. You don't play loud music when your team is huddling on offense. The crowd was chanting as the players were trying to communicate too. They may need to go back to having the message board prompt them as to how to behave. I am shocked that fans don't know to give the home team quiet on offense.

4) You know I am a sucker for "messaging". I just dig Dan Quinn and his vibe. Will it translate to winning? Who knows. It is refreshing and exciting.

The season will evolve and we will know a lot more after trips to the Giants and Dallas. If they can come out of the next 2 games at 2-1, things will look VERY promising!


The Dawgs finally have the chance to stare down the boogeyman once and for all. South Carolina is reeling and Georgia is a 17 point favorite. Can we have no excuses this time? It is time to dominate a weak sister. Send a message and don't let Steve Spurrier win for the 5th time in 6 tries with inferior talent.

Georgia Tech

If Tech goes to Notre Dame and wins this weekend, which I think they have a great chance to do, they should burst into the Top 10. That would be a great momentum build off of the stromng finish of last year. Can't wait to see that game!

Braves race for the top pick

The first pick in the draft may not mean anything, but if you are going to suffer through a bad season you might as well get it. The Braves need to hit the reset button and excite this town, not just about the new stadium in 2017 but for the 2016 season ahead!

Twitter Domination

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