Random Thoughts for 3/16

Mar 16, 2015 -- 10:10am

Did the Falcons talk too much?

I do NOT want to be a hypocrite here. I am thrilled that the Falcons organization under Dan Quinn has done a great job of letting us know the agenda. His messaging has been perfect. Now I will bring up an issue on something that I have universally applauded. Did the Falcons talk too much about the plan?

One thing is very clear, numerous free agents have flirted with the Falcons and used them to get more money out of their current teams or others. This is something that we have not seen in the past. When Atlanta set their sights on a signing, they usually delivered. Why woulf this year be different? Maybe the team let the plans of "fit over splash" be out there too vocally. If you are a free agent, do you want the team you sign with no not consider you a splash? Does it send the message that this truly is a rebuild? I am fully on board with giving Coach Quinn the time to get this right. Unfortunately at least for this year, players seem to be using the Falcons for thier own gain elsewhere.

I don't care about your bracket!

It has been a part of Buck and Kincade for 15 years now, but a refresher course is always in order. I have zero interest in your bracket. I don't care if you poicked the 12-5 upset right, because I know you know nothing about the 12 seed team. You never watched them play (unless they were your alma mater). You just know that a 12 advances every year. Guess what, anybody with the internet knows that!

I look forward to some interesting tourney talk, but not about who YOU picked to win it all. I am making this statement for all of the folks you work with too. They really don't need to hear you giving them constant updates on where you stand.

By the way, IF you are picking against Kentucky to win it all I know your strategy.

Congrats to Georgia and Georgia State for giving us a local rooting interest! I think Coach Ron Hunter should think about moving up the street to GA Tech oif the job becomes available.

Braves Camp

We are off to Orlando for another week of Braves coverage starting Monday the 23rd. Are there any storylines you want us to investigate for you? if so, drop me a line at johnkincade@680thefan.com

Your ideas may end up being part of the show next week!

Thanks for pushing the Kincade Twitter Nation in Atlanta to top status once again last month! Get in on the fun @johnkincade

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