Time for the Braves to pick it up

Jun 25, 2013 -- 9:05am

   The Braves need to pick it up, into the All-Star break. That 6-game lead isn’t real comfortable, from my seat.  Our team could have buried the Nationals by now.

   The line-up has me concerned. In June, the Braves are 12th in runs scored (15 teams in N.L.).  Justin Upton has gone from slugger to invisible. McCann has had a tough month, even though the grand slam saved us in Milwaukee. Gattis had to be put on the shelf. Scoring enough runs has been tough this month.

   We should be encouraged with what we’ve seen out of Jason Heyward, B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla. Into Kansas City, Jason has hit .287 this month. B.J. has been resuscitated. Check out his June average: .246! And I watched Uggla shorten up his swing and put the ball in play, on the right side of the infield, which scored a run, on this road trip.

   Simmons has his average up to .247, but appears to be still pulling off the ball, a lot of the time (trying to pull it). Wish he would quit that. Not that it’s easy…hitting major league pitching.

   Freeman has just carried us lately. Freddie deserves a serious look as the All-Star game approaches. He’s one of the toughest outs in the league, with runners in scoring position. He also picks it at 1st base. Again, Freeman has been “The Man” lately.

   Must admit, I’m just a little frustrated right now. I expected more from this line-up. Also, expected this team to break the Braves out of this postseason funk we’re in right now. Our Braves haven’t won a postseason series, since 2001. That’s 12 long years. And this team has to be better than it has been to get us to the top of the mountain.

   Sure hope they have it in them.

   What needs to happen? Need to get some of these bats going. Heyward needs a big summer. So does B.J. Younger brother Justin has got to put it back together. Need Gattis back doing damage. And can we get Andrelton Simmons to hit the ball to the right side of 2nd base some. Got to get this line-up back on track!

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