Falcons & Dimitroff NFL Draft Class

Apr 29, 2013 -- 8:27am

   Kiper, Jr. gave the Falcons & Thomas Dimitroff a draft grade of B. Can't say I disagree.

   Moving up to grab a top CB ---before the run on cover guys went down--- was smart. Desmond Trufant looks like he's worth a late 3rd round pick. Talented and confident. Go ahead and plug the rookie CB in as a starter. Dimitroff watched the 2nd CB come off the board at 12 and decided it was a good time to pull the trigger on a deal to move up. Stay put at #30 and 5 CB's may be off the board.

   In today's NFL, the base defense has 3 corners on the field. And that is played more than half the time. Quality teams have got to have 3-4 solid options at CB. Or they can't cover.  So, the "Dimitroff Double-Down" was needed.

   2nd round pick Robert Alford is a CB with ball skills, but doesn't appear to be as polished as Trufant. Need to get him coached up quick. He also looks like a great option as the Falcons return man. That would be a big boost. The Falcons return game has been disappointing.

   4th round selection DE Malliciah Goodman (Clemson) will compete with Massaquoi & Matthews. Dude was strong against the run in college and only flashed his pass-rush skills a few times. Hope for a hit here.

   Tight-end Levin Toilolo beat out Zach Ertz & Coby Fleener at Stanford a few years ago. But then, he suffered a knee injury. This target is 6'7" in cleats, with good hands. Good red zone weapon. fact of the matter is this: Falcons were desperate for another TE. Got to have 2, right?

   Simply don't know much about Stansly Maponga (TCU DE) or Kemal Ishmael (Safety UCF). Need a pronunciation guide though.

   Zeke Motta (Notre Dame safety) is a smart, tough guy. Impacts special teams cover units. Dimitroff passed on Rambo (Georgia) and Lester (Alabama) to take him.

   By the way, the Falcons were one of 3 teams who did not draft a player out of the SEC. Find that strange. The SEC had 63 players selected (most ever). Almost 25% of the players drafted came from the SEC.

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