Falcons Dimitroff Moves in NFL Draft

Apr 18, 2013 -- 10:18am

   NFL Draft is one week and counting...and we all wonder what the Falcons draft plan will be? But you can bet Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff is looking to move on his targets! Dimitroff has made a move in every draft, here in Atlanta.

   Peter King's reporting that Dimitroff is looking to move up from #30, in the 1st round. D. Orlando Ledbetter has pointed out the potential trade partners: Jaguars (2), Lions (5) and Rams (16 & 22). Those spots have former Falcons executives in place.

   So, who is the Falcons target? Alabama CB Dee Milliner? He's being described as the missing piece on the Falcons defense. Got to move into the Top 5 to get this guy. That's pricey. But check the Julio Jones deal. It was worth it.

   If corner is the target in the 1st round, it makes sense to move ahead of both New England and Denver (both need to add a quality CB). So, doing a deal with Les Snead & the Rams could be the move. The Rams have two 1st round picks (16 & 22). If the Falcons get one of those spots, then they can maybe take the other top-rated CB prospects Marcus Trufant or Xavier Rhodes.

   But maybe the target is talented TE Tyler Eifert. Or OLB Jarvis Jones? Or maybe one of those beast offensive guards (Warmack or Cooper)?

   Stay tuned. Sure love the way Dimitroff aggressively pursues his targets in the draft. None of this staying put and taking the best guy available.

   Also, just released is the news that Deion Sanders will announce the Falcons 2nd round pick... is that a clue that the Falcons will take CB/PR Tyrann Mathieu? Prime Time is all in with Tyrann. The guess here: Don't look for that.

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