Prediction: Braves Win 100 Games!

Mar 25, 2013 -- 4:08pm

   When McCann gets back a couple weeks into the season, this Braves line-up will be deep with quality. Think about it for a moment...Chris Johnson & Juan Francisco will be hitting 8th. So, 2-7 is going to be a tough road for opposing pitchers.

   Andrelton Simmons is up top and looks ready to have a breakout season. Seriously. This dude is on the fast track to scoring 100 runs. Heyward hits 2nd and we're talking 30-30, right? Can't wait to see Jason Heyward run the bases. It's special. And the ball jumps off his bat. We are strong up top.

   The middle of the line-up looks dangerous. Upton-Freeman-Upton, at 3-4-5. Justin's swing is in a good place. Freeman is primed for a 100 RBI season, in the clean-up spot. B.J. looks like a 40 double dude. Let it rip.

   McCann and Uggla follow those guys. Brian's swing looks good this spring. Watched him drill some balls opposite field in BP, when last year he couldn't extend without pain. "Mac" is playing for a contract, so he's got an edge to him. Dan is determined to bounce back too.

   The Braves are going to score some more runs. It should be fun this season. More athletic. Faster. More pop. Let's play ball.

    And I hope you're not freaking out over the starting pitching! Medlen and Minor will be strong. Teheran is a new man. Hudson and Maholm will be dependable. By the way, the Braves rotation had the NL's best ERA this spring, entering Minor's start today.

   See you at the ballpark next week. Get there early, for those BP homeruns!

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