Hanging Out With New Braves

Feb 25, 2013 -- 9:34pm

   The Buck & Kincade Show trip down to Orlando was fun! It's always one of my favorite business trips of the year. The Braves provided us with some awesome access.

   The work day started at 7:30 a.m., as players arrived at the facility. It was time to work the clubhouse for some interviews. Not exactly the best time of the day for that. But it's business, right?

  "B.J., I know it's 7:30, but can you come do a sit down interview?"

   But we did have some success. Heyward took time to be with us. Jason is such an impressive guy. He's poised for a great season. One of those 30-30 years. The ball is just jumping off his bat. And he takes such great pride in his defense. Told us he's proud of that Gold Glove Award. The Braves have a lot of guys that have pop. Dudes that can square the ball up and drive it. But Jason Heyward's BP is the most impressive. Look for him to have a big season.

   Justin Upton's HR against the Marlins went 500 feet! Or so it seemed. Strong, balanced stance and just drives the ball. Saw him hit one over the centerfield wall at Disney in BP. Seems pretty cool too. Like his chances of having a big season too!

   B.J. Upton has some quick hands at the plate. Open stance and hands held high. And he is quick on the inside fastball. Watched him rip some topspin down the left field line. Impressed that he can take the outside pitch comfortably opposite field too. Seems to be a quiet guy.

   Can't wait to go back in March for another week. I'll get to call two Braves games with Mark Lemke. That'll be awesome.

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