Couple of Plays From Super Bowl

Jan 21, 2013 -- 3:15pm

   The Falcons loss to the 49ers was extremely disappointing. Our team was a play away. One. So, this one hurts. Probably will haunt us for years. Just one play from the Super Bowl.

   Tip your cap to the 49ers. It takes a championship team to rally back from that deficit.

   Couple of 2nd half turnovers helped seal our fate. Roddy took responsibility for the interception (fell down on route) and Matt fumbled, when he took a quick look up at the defense, after the snap. Still had a shot to win it though.

   Thought for sure Matt had Douglas for a TD, when the 49er DB fell down. The turf monster must have grabbed Douglas too. Matt played the final 3 plays with a seperated shoulder. Tough competitor.

   That 3rd down play---Matt rolled right, trying to hit a slot flat route---got tipped at the LOS. Matt felt pain, on the throw.

   On 4th down, with the season and a shot at the Super Bowl riding, Dirk Koetter went trip's right. Tony flexed out wide left and got doubled. Roddy was the primary, on the short crossing route. Julio ran a fade. Good call. Matt's throw was just a little behind Roddy, on his back shoulder. Bowman jammed Roddy and made a play on the ball.

   One play short.

   Tony Gonzalez was close to a Super Bowl, in his final season. Just short. And it was easy to see the pain and passion on his face, back in the Falcons locker room afterwards.

   Chokers? That's a cheap shot. Can't fault the effort. Falcons went toe-to-toe with the Niners and had them on the ropes. Left it all on the field.

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