Thank You Atlanta Falcons!

Jan 14, 2013 -- 10:43am

   Atlanta will host the NFL Championship Game for the very first time, on Sunday. How special is that? You know how special it is, right? We've been playing pro football in this city since 1966.

   Exhale, Atlanta. We're one win away from the Super Bowl!

   Matt Bryant drilled that 49 yard FG, with Atlanta holding its breath, to send the Seahawks home losers. Clutch kick, obviously. A memorable kick! One for the history books. Thank you, Matt Bryant.

   Can't believe it came down to that, but what a finish. Matt Ryan had to hit two big throws, in order to get Matt Bryant into FG range. Douglas and Tony G. came up big. And the O-LINE stepped up in that situation too. Matt Ryan had time in the pocket, with the season riding. In fact, Matt Ryan didn't get sacked once.

   After the great escape, Matt Ryan was thrilled with the protection. Got hit a few times, but never sacked. And they took a lot of shots downfield. The O-Line was a difference-maker. Simple as that.

   Falcons ran the ball effectively and stuffed the beast Marshawn Lynch. Two other reasons why we are a win away from another Super Bowl.

   This is awesome! Go Falcons! Now go get it!

   The Niners are coming to town. Got to get ready. Need to get ready.This is special.

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