Bulldogs & Jackets Hire New Coaches!

Jan 09, 2013 -- 7:32pm

   Coach Paul Johnson filled that DC opening quick. Ted Roof is coming back home! Spent last season at Penn State. Helped Auburn win the national title. Coach Roof was also on O'Leary's staff at GT. This is a real good hire. Great fit.

   Charles Kelly did a nice job...but bolted for FSU. Getting Roof to come back home is a quality move by Coach Johnson.

   The Jackets return 8 starters on defense. So, Coach Roof has some experienced guys coming back. I wish him well. Class act. Good coach. Again, great fit for Georgia Tech!

   Mark Richt and Todd Gratham filled the D-Line spot with Chris Wilson. He cut his teeth on Bob Stoops staff at Oklahoma. Spent the last 2 seasons at Mississippi State. One insider told me that he's "very polished." Can recruit and teach.

   Coach Wilson will need to hit the ground sprinting. He needs to impact this recruiting class. D-Line jobs are open. There is playing time to sell. And there are some quality DL prospects to recruit. The next 3-4 weeks will be important. Can he go get Toby Johnson and Davin Bellamy? No time to waste.

   Look for Grantham to develop the young talent on defense quickly. Bet on it. He's got to find some players on the D-Line & in the secondary. Spring football should be interesting. Stay tuned.

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