Falcons Facing Confident Seahawks!

Jan 07, 2013 -- 3:51pm

   So, here we go. Falcons are back in the playoffs. Can they finally win one? And beat the Seahawks? Should be fun on Sunday.

   Sounds like the Falcons will get a boost on defense. Robinson and Moore are ready to go, in the secondary. And Abraham is good to go up front. Got to like that. Need these guys leading the way.

   Priority #1 with Nolan's defense will be slowing down RB Marshawn Lynch. Dude is a beast. Can't allow him to run wild. And it would be nice to force Russell Wilson into some mistakes. Couple of forced turnovers would be large.

   Can the Falcons offense score on the Seahawks defense? I believe so. Need to run it at DE Bruce Irvin. Look for the back-shoulder fade to be a good play. Matt Ryan gets bump coverage on Roddy & Julio out wide, which sets that throw up. Sherman and Browner are solid, but the technique leaves me wondering...it's a soft bump. They simply turn and run with the WR. No attempt to jam the receiver.

   This is going to be fun. Time to Rise Up! And get a playoff victory!

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