Falcons Knockout Giants!

Dec 19, 2012 -- 5:32pm

   The Falcons hit the Giants with a big left hook, early in the fight. The G-Men never recovered. We wiped the Georgia Dome floor with those guys. Seriously. It wasn't much of a fight.

   The statement was this: These Falcons will be ready come playoff time.

   Samuel's playmaking ability is just huge in these big games. He's jumping routes and making plays. Need William Moore back in there making plays too. When the Falcons defense forces a few turnovers, we look like a team that can beat anyone.

   Matt Ryan made some big throws against the Giants. He delivered. And the O-Line was the biggest surprise to me. The front 5 played big. Baker can it done. Konz held up. They kept a clean pocket for Matt.

   So, bring on any of these so-called contenders. The Falcons look like they can play with the big boys.  

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