Falcons To Regroup? Finish Strong?

Dec 10, 2012 -- 7:16pm

   The Falcons loss to the Panthers was tough to take. Crushed on the road, against a 3-9 team. Not exactly the message the Falcons want to be sending out this time of the year. Need to be cranking up your best football, in December and January.

   Not exactly sure how to fix it either. Issues are up front, on the line of scrimmage. The O-Line got whipped in Charlotte. And the D-Line got pushed around too. That's a bad combination.

   Has center Todd McClure hit the wall? Can Konz elevate his play in this rookie season? And don't look now, but Baker and Clabo get Pierre-Paul, Umenyiora and Tuck this week. These same guys destroyed the Falcons protection of Matt Ryan in the playoffs last season. Will it be different this time? Matt needs a clean pocket to operate in.

   Also, with our base offensive set now a 3-WR formation...it limits the run game. Plus, without quality run blocking TE's, those short yardage situations might not be going away either. These are legitimate concerns.

   Against Carolina, it appeared that Jerry, Peters and Biermann pulled a no-show. Babineaux and Abraham need some help! Not sure these issues are going away right now. Got to get those 3 dudes going. Quickly.

   And of course, getting Samuel and Moore back in the secondary making some big plays would be huge! Need those forced turnovers come playoff time.

   Big game versus the Giants. Got to Rise Up !


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