'Dogs Dreams Can Come True

Nov 25, 2012 -- 10:22pm

   Beat Alabama and Georgia gets Notre Dame in the BCS National Title Game. Big challenge, uh? But what an incredible opportunity. This is every player's dream scenario. It's all right there in front of them.

   The Bulldogs should embrace it. Bring on the two College Football Giants! No reason to be scared. Not the way Georgia is playing right now. Of course, very few analysts will be picking Georgia, in either match-up. But who cares about that.

   The Alabama showdown will be intriguing. Rambo says the 'Dogs are more talented across the board. Not sure about that, but Georgia has enough talent to match-up and play tough. Roll the dice and see what happens.

   The Georgia offense has outstanding balance and that gives even the best defenses trouble. Makes it tough to focus on one thing. 'Dogs can run it with Gurley & Marshall. And Murray can sling it to King and Mitchell. Plus, Aaron can read coverage and get out of poor plays.

   The biggest challenge on this side of the ball is this: Can the Bulldogs O-Line block them? Keep a clean pocket for Murray? Open some cracks for Todd Gurley? This is the biggest key to the game.

   Grantham's defense will cause some problems too. The Alabama O-Line looks like the best in CF, but they will have their hands full with this Georgia front 7. Can't wait to see Fluker and John Jenkins mix it up. Shawn Williams will be in that "Box" playing the run too. Ogletree is a beast. Stopping Lacey and Yeldon is a challenge, but slowing them down is all that's really needed.

   McCarron lost a weapon in Kenny Bell, so Amari Cooper will have to deliver big. The Georgia secondary is playing tough. Rambo and Commings are solid. Jarvis Jones will be on the attack.

   Expect to see a "Slobber-knocker." This is going to be good.


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