Can GT Ruin 'Dogs Title Dreams?

Nov 19, 2012 -- 8:14am

   Georgia Tech will embrace this opportunity to knock their hated rivals out of the BCS national title mix, before Alabama gets the chance. Don't you just know it?

   Question is this: Do the Jackets have a big upset in them?

   Richt's team has put it together. The offense is balanced and dangerous. Murray gets them in good plays and is making all the throws. Gurley & Marshall are flying around in the run game. And the big key: the Georgia O-Line has elevated its performance level. Can the GT defense slow this group down?

   Here is the problem for the GT defense: Load up against the run...and Murray carves you up. Play a deep zone...and "Gur-shall" does major damage. And it does not appear that  the GT D-Line is capable of dominating up front, which makes it tough to shut down an offense.

   Flip it over and the GT offense has to shine. Do some major damage. Light up this Grantham defense. Put 40-plus on the board. Is that possible?

   Looks to me that GT QB Vad Lee is capable of having a big day. He's dangerous. A playmaker. The Jackets have turned him loose lately and Vad has lifted this unit. He can make a guy like Ogletree miss. Rambo too! But young QB's can turn it over...that would mean defeat.

   First quarter of this game will be big. The Jackets will come out fired up and ready to deliver some big blows. If that happens, this will be a 4-quarter battle. Georgia needs to take their best shot and keep bringing it! That would wear GT down emotionally.

   Does GT have an upset in them? Nothing would make them happier, than to ruin it for Georgia. The 'Dogs better bring it!


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