Falcons Undefeated Hopes Disappear

Nov 13, 2012 -- 8:57am

   And there goes the undefeated season. Of course, it had to be the Saints ruining this for us. They own us. Sure is frustrating, uh? It just seems like the Saints have our number.

   Why have the Saints delivered a 7-2 record against Coach Smith and Matt Ryan? Because we get their best shot. Specifically...Drew Brees is spectacular reading coverage and the ball is out so quick. Plus, the Saints D-Line seems to get the best of our O-Line too.

   This loss hurts even more, because they are down and we were rolling. Still can't whip them. So many oppportunities to win too.

   All those plays inside the Saints five yard line. Earlier in the 4th quarter, the offense got down there and had to settle for a FG, after Julio couldn't make that catch in the back of the end zone. That was a clear sign the Falcons were about to come up short again.

   Then, Matt Ryan got the offense back down there again late. Douglas got to the 1-yard line, on 1st down. On 2nd down, Turner got stuffed. On 3rd down, Tony Gonzalez got the ball his way and Jenkins broke it up. On 4th down, Matt couldn't step into his throw to Roddy, which allowed Greer to break it up.

   And as time ran out, Roddy misjudged a deep throw, which would have gone for six. So many chances.

   Falcons won't have to wait long to get anohter shot. The Saints come to town in a couple weeks. Will the trend continue? Saints have now won 4 in a row and 11 of 13 against the Falcons. getting tired of this...imagine how the players feel.

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