Could 'Dogs Upset #1 Alabama?

Nov 06, 2012 -- 8:34am

   LSU gave the Tide all they wanted, right? So, why couldn't the 'Dogs?

   Despite this notion that Aaron Murray is unable to perform against the top teams, he's better than Zach Mettenberger right now. Advantage UGA at quarterback.

   Even with Marlon Brown down for the season (Michael Bennett too), Georgia has more weapons than LSU. Tavarres King and Malcolm Mitchell are a dangerous combo at WR. Wooten can make plays in the slot. So, the 3-WR set looks strong to me. Those LSU WR made some plays against Bama, but the 'Dogs are better here too.

   Todd Gurley is just a beast at RB. He is also playing his best football right now. LSU RB Jeremy Hill went for 100-plus on the Tide defense. Gurley is better than Hill. Keith Marshall is also capable of providing a boost, with a big run or reception. LSU is deeper, but Gurley gives UGA a big back, who can tote it 20 times.

   Could Grantham's defense slow down this Alabama offense? I'd say that the Bulldog defense I've seen the last 2 games is capable of pulling that off. Limit Bama to 20 points? Possible. Force a few turnovers? Possible.

   Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree are playmakers. Impact dudes. Branden Smith is ballin' at corner. Rambo has come on strong. Big John Jenkins would be a problem.

   Two area's of concern for Georgia against Alabama: 1- Could the 'Dogs O-Line block them? 2- Would special teams play hold up? Obviously, two huge factors.

   Could the 'Dogs beat Bama? They would have a shot, if they Hunker Down.

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