Are Bulldogs in Gators Class?

Oct 22, 2012 -- 9:04am

   On paper, this one doesn't look encouraging. The #2 Gators are playing at a high level. The #10 'Dogs are struggling in a lot of places. Doesn't appear to be a good time to meet up in J-ville, if you're a Georgia man.

   But hey, it wouldn't be the first time the Gators showed up flying high and went home a loser! So, I'm packing up the golf clubs and making the trip down.

   Georgia's best shot looks to be hitting on some big plays in the passing game and playing out front. The Gators aren't exactly built to play catch-up. They run it. They don't look good throwing it. So, somehow the 'Dogs need to grab the lead. Maybe Gurley will bust a long one. And Murray can hit Malcolm Mitchell or Tavarres King deep. Make Florida play from behind.

   Grantham's defense seriously needs to hunker down this Saturday. Sell out to stop the run. Load up the box. Got to stop the run. Make Driskel throw it successfully to beat you. And if the 'Dogs can play out front, then Jarvis Jones can turn up the heat, by rushing the passer.

   And yes, Jarvis Jones will be ready to go Saturday.

   Right now, the Gators are the team to beat. Georgia looked sloppy in Lexington, with the exception of Aaron Murray and the passing game. It'll take more than that to beat this Florida team.


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