Praise the Falcons! Save Our Weekend!

Oct 08, 2012 -- 10:08am

   The Braves, Bulldogs and Jackets made Atlanta fans want to jump off Stone Mountain this past weekend. So, thank goodness the Falcons saved the day, with a 4th quarter comeback in Washington. At least, we ended the weekend on a positive!

   Our Braves just weren't good enough, again. And it hurts. Couldn't field and couldn't hit. That's a recipe for disaster in the Postseason. Sure, the bad call by Sam Holbrook was a killer. He should get suspended for that call. Or take a pay cut. And that "dog and pony show" Joe Torre led in the postgame interview room was laughable too. However, you can't beat the defending champs by going 1-8 with runners in scoring position and by making 3 errors. Disappointing way to end Chipper's career.

   And the Braves fans behavior was unacceptable. We packed the house, which was impressive. But throwing trash onto the field was embarrassing. Simple as that.

   The Bulldogs got body-slammed. Knocked out in the 1st round. Talk about disappointing. That was the worst defeat ever to South Carolina...and they've been teeing it up since 1894. What made it even more embarrassing was the fact that it came in prime time, with the CF nation watching.

   When will Grantham's defense show up? When will UGA trot out a legit O-Line? Why didn't the ball get to the playmakers more often, when the 'Dogs got down, 21-0? When will the punt team cover punts? So many questions.

   The Falcons saved the weekend! Hip, hip, hooray! 5-0 for the first time in franchise history! Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones and Sean Weatherspoon were awesome! Matt Bryant too. Are they taking us on a Super Bowl run?  

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