'Dogs to Hand it to "Gur-shall" Against Vols?

Sep 28, 2012 -- 10:16am

   So, Todd Gurley + Keith Marshall =  Gur-shall? As in, Herschel? That is, Herschel Walker, the "Goal-line Stalker."

   Gurley is a beast. One man is not bringing him down. And when he breaks out into the open field, Gurley is gone. Sort of sounds like Herschel, uh? Todd leads the SEC in rushing, so far. He's averaging an incredible 9.2 yards per rush.

   Marshall's been impressive too. Keith can smell that end zone. And he has the talent to get there fast. Good receiver too.

   Put them together and it's a Herschel Walker package.

   Both of these freshmen run vertically...none of that high school, sideline to sideline, east-west nonsense. These two guys are turning it upfield quickly. North and south runners. Love that about them. And they both are holding on to the ball. Impressive.

   But the competition level is going up. The Vols have some players. South Carolina's defense is tough and it features Jadaveon Clowney. Then, the tough Gators defense looms. Time to find out just how good these freshmen backs are!

   Freshman OT John Theus is going to get tested too. Clowney is already foaming at the mouth about that match-up next week. Theus is improving rapidly. Run blocking is solid. Needs to come on in protection.

   Wonder if the Vols defense is ready to stop the run this week? Or are they focused on Murray and all these weapons? About to find out.

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