Steak Tips

Sep 04, 2014 -- 4:28pm

Steak Tips:

Things you can be sure about this football season:

-Julio Jones, is he stays healthy, will break the single season receiving yards number in Falcons history.

-Todd Gurley jerseys will be worn in every elementary school around Georgia.

-Cam Newton will be complaining about his receivers by Week 4.

-Les Miles will do something in the 4th quarter of a game to make the Tiger fans blow up New Orleans talk radio.

-I will try 3 new BBQ places around Atlanta.

-Sandra Golden will make me laugh out loud at least twice a show.

-Vanderbilt fans will shed more than a few tears over the exit of James Franklin.

-Wes Welker will get hit over the middle and stand up and walk to the wrong sideline.

-Lamar Holmes will be replaced as Falcons right tackle.

-Paul Johnson will actually beat Clemson this year.

-Mike Vick will watch Geno Smith play quarterback and wonder, "How is this guy playing quarterback ahead of me."

-Bill Belichick will watch a Nick Saban press conference and think about how much he likes his demeanor.

-Creamed spinach will be the "go to" side item for every steak house I go to this Fall.

-Gator fans will break Twitter over Will Muschamp's Gator offense.

-Johnny Manziel will start a game in Week 6 and go 13-30 with 2 picks and a TD run.

-I will eat a Crabcake Eggs Benedict on a Sunday and be damn proud of it.

-I will root really hard for Bruce Arians and the Cardinals to do well.

-Georgia/Auburn will play one of the most fun SEC title games in history.

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