Steak Tips: 3/12/15

Mar 12, 2015 -- 1:59pm

Steak Tips:

I got a lot of things swimming around in my head every day and some of it does not always end up on the radio.  Here then is my chance to clear my brain and fire off the critical things that I think about in sports, food and life.  Enjoy.

Chris Johnson of the Braves needs to step up more than anybody on the team this year, last year was a disaster.

Al Horford has one of the most unorthodox but most consistent medium range shots of any big man I have ever watched. 

Chocolate pudding just doesn't fall on anyone's radar anymore.

Don Sutton's skills as a broadcaster are as underrated as anyone in the business.

The new show "American Crime" on ABC is close to perfect television.

I would love to go grab Italian food with Coach Bud, somebody make that happen for me.

Evan Gattis playing in Houston just hurts my heart.

When "Houston's" got rid of the club sandwich a small part of me died.

If Oklahoma City and a healthy Durant get the 8 seed in the West then Golden State really is in trouble.

I am not sure about the Ferris Wheel thing at Centennial Olympic Park.

Mike Scott off the bench is the definition of a guy that can win playoff games for you.


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Steak Tips

Sep 04, 2014 -- 4:28pm

Steak Tips:

Things you can be sure about this football season:

-Julio Jones, is he stays healthy, will break the single season receiving yards number in Falcons history.

-Todd Gurley jerseys will be worn in every elementary school around Georgia.

-Cam Newton will be complaining about his receivers by Week 4.

-Les Miles will do something in the 4th quarter of a game to make the Tiger fans blow up New Orleans talk radio.

-I will try 3 new BBQ places around Atlanta.

-Sandra Golden will make me laugh out loud at least twice a show.

-Vanderbilt fans will shed more than a few tears over the exit of James Franklin.

-Wes Welker will get hit over the middle and stand up and walk to the wrong sideline.

-Lamar Holmes will be replaced as Falcons right tackle.

-Paul Johnson will actually beat Clemson this year.

-Mike Vick will watch Geno Smith play quarterback and wonder, "How is this guy playing quarterback ahead of me."

-Bill Belichick will watch a Nick Saban press conference and think about how much he likes his demeanor.

-Creamed spinach will be the "go to" side item for every steak house I go to this Fall.

-Gator fans will break Twitter over Will Muschamp's Gator offense.

-Johnny Manziel will start a game in Week 6 and go 13-30 with 2 picks and a TD run.

-I will eat a Crabcake Eggs Benedict on a Sunday and be damn proud of it.

-I will root really hard for Bruce Arians and the Cardinals to do well.

-Georgia/Auburn will play one of the most fun SEC title games in history.