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My $0.02: What I’d Tell A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez AP Photo
Alex Rodriguez (AP Photo)

So lets start with full disclosure.

  I have NO INTEREST in talking about/debating or arguing about steroids.
  Not who took ’em. Allegedly.
  Not who didn’t. Allegedly.
  Like most of you..been there/done that.
  This is about what somebody should be telling Alex Rodriquez.
  Not someone with an agenda. Or someone who can and would make money off of Alex or anything around him now or in the future. Not a newspaper guy. Not a TV guy. Not a sports talk radio guy. Or a 1,000 other people in a 1,000 other occupations.
  The “somebody” doesn’t need to be a friend. It would be nice..but when you make 450+ Million dollars, I’m not sure you can even know for sure who those are. Those blurred lines I would imagine would keep even the stablest of folks awake some nights.
  Who it DOES need to be is someone who is willing to tell Alex the truth. And I swear I think it probably needs to be a sports fan.
   Not an ARod apologist. Or an ARod hater. Not a sycophant. But not a casual fan.
   Not someone who is so prideful in being ‘old school” that I question their ability to know what year it is. You know..the guy who hasn’t realized how life..big picture LIFE..HAS actually changed around them so their blinders are both comical and horrifying.
  Don’t think it should be someone who derives “common sense” from reams of paper and numbers. You know..the guy who hasn’t realized that life..big picture actually taking place all around him so their blinders are both comical and horrifying,
  If you fit this “criteria” and you had 10 minutes with Alex Rodriquez..what would you tell him?
  What is your “truth” in this situation?
  Here’s mine :
  Get out. With some dignity. You pissed away a whole bunch of it. But like all of us who have seen that tank get closer to “E” than any of us would have offers fill-ups.
  Go away.
  Not forever. Not even for a long time.
  But don’t play baseball. Not this year. Not next. Not ever.
  I know..I could hit 4 HRs. hit 9 this season. You are talented enough..muscle memory and 10’s of THOUSANDS of swings over all of these years alone would run you into 4 more.
  But at what price?
  What would make #700 different than #107? Or #382 Or #511?
  Here’s what it is. An incredible round #. And if that matters or means more to you than what it DOESN’’ve learned NOTHING.
  Your “denials”? Your “apologies”? Your most recent “I want to be remembered as someone who kept getting up”?
  Throw them and every word you’ve spoken about how much you love the game and respect the game into the furnace. Not the trash. Shit can be taken out of the trash. Go straight to the incinerator. Burn it. All of it. With no ability to be pieced back together.
  It will have ALWAYS been about the #’s. And nothing else.
  Here’s what I know, Because I saw it.
  Mariano Rivera let the PA Yankee Stadium..with your daughters hands in his..say that you were his friend. And he hugged you.
  Did I mention it was in Yankee Stadium?
  You got a standing ovation.
  You got a double. And an RBI. And another standing ovation.
  In Yankee Stadium!
  You played 3rd Base. For only one out. But it was a strikeout. And you got to throw it around the horn one more time.
  And everyone stood up. Again. As you hugged your teammates. And you waved your cap,
  And cried.
  Your kids saw ALL of that. Anything else they know..or will hear from here on out,,shouldn’t be more important than last Friday night.
  In Yankee Stadium.
  And if you don’t understand that another double..or RBI..or 4 or 40 more HRs will never be THAT..well I guess I wasn’t the right “somebody”
  You won. It’s as simple as that. If Friday night was your last WON!

Parachutes are for SISSIES!

They’ve taken this video down most everyplace.

If you haven’t heard about..or seen you go!

A guy jumps out of a plane from 25,000 feet.

He has no parachute.

And he’ll land in a net.

And they showed it on live tv.

And I can’t believe ANY of it.

Until I saw it!

Charles Tillman Retires – Adios “Peanut Punch!”

This guy just retired.

Never wanted to “talk”..just let his game do it.

Very Old School.

4th…FOURTH..All Time in turnovers forced.

And a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Winner.

“Solid” sometimes sells a guy short. It shouldn’t here.

Charles Tillman was never a “Star”..but he CHANGED games.

I’ll take a guy or 3 like that everyday.

Here you go – Take a Look..and “Good on Ya” Peanut!

Charles Tillman’s “Peanut Punch” & Turnover Machine Highlights

The Greatest Moments In Sports

I’m not sure who put this video collection together..bravo and take a bow..and it might not have “every” great moment in it..but if youve got 6 or so minutes and you’re a sports fan..this is for you.

It’s just a quick reminder of “Some You Win..Some You Lose,” and the wins and the losses are not all created equally.

  I’ve said for years..the joy of my win should only be topped by the pain of your loss.

So many of these moments I had no dog in the fight. Probably the same with you.

  But it doesn’t make any less the excitement and “Can you believe that” conversations we’ve had about so many of these.

So hit “PLAY” on the video below. Sit back..or lean forward..and enjoy for the first time..or second..or 100th..some of the reasons why sports are phenomenal, joyous, and  heartbreaking.



Lets finish up our look at the Atlanta Falcons Divisional Opponents with New Orleans.

After the OTA’s and now Mini-Camp..what do the people who cover the Saints think and feel about this group before the staff and 90 players show up for big boy camp?

Here’s some video and attached columns..courtesy of and

It was an incredible ride to their Super Bowl Title in 2009..and with 2 playoff wins in 6 seasons since then…



While Falcons fans..every most concerned with what their team is doing…you can’t ever forget “The Other Guy” is trying to get better every day too!

As the Falcons closed their did their NFC South Opponents.
In part I..we looked at the Carolina Panthers.  This week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get scrutinized!

Here is some visual recon on what the team from the south had going on at 1 BUC PLACE:


Carolina-know-enemy-headerAs a Dirty Birds want to grab as much information as you can on YOUR team.

You want to know what other people think of them. What they say and write. The perception of someone outside of the area.

What are the problems…as well as the answers.

Weaknesses and strengths.

Are you “upticking” or “trending downwards”.

And ultimately..are you a playoff team or not.

Well you are joined by 31 other sets of fans across the NFL landscape.

What I’m going to do here is link camp video..that will give you an idea as to what “their guys” think about “the other guys”.

Divisional opponents. 6 games worth of your schedule. And honestly the team that know you best and can expose weaknesses to your other 10.

Physical kick your ass teams in your division also make it harder to play the next week. And that is a HUGE part of how you navigate an NFL season.

So here you go. Over the next 3 days I’ll give you the look at the 3 NFC South Opponents Video Style.

First up..The Defending NFC Champs, THE CAROLINA PANTHERS

Recovering From An INSANE “OH $%@^#” Moment

An internal scream is a real thing. It’s the scream in your head that nobody but you can hear.
Here’s an example:
crazy bike finish



Atlanta: Currently NO Better Place To Live!

Photo: AP

There might be better places to live than Atlanta. I’m open to anyone’s pitch to tell me which city is better!

But you better have a Hell of a list!

Because here in The ATL, I know I have..
1) Weather.
2) Cost of Living.
3) Great place to raise kids. (Schools. Sports leagues.)
4) Three Major sports franchises.
5) College Football all around me.
6) Weather. (Yup. Twice).
7) Entertainment venues.
8) Bars.
9) Food.
10) Parks.
11) Driving distance to some of the best beaches in America.
12) And to the mountains.
13) And lakes.
And now the added bonus of the BIGGEST events in all of sports coming to my town.
College Football Playoffs?
Super Bowl?
You might not like the stadium deals.
You might not like where the stadiums are.
You might not like a whole bunch of things.
Fair enough. Your call.
But I know of next to NO downside of having a chance to host these events..and the ancillary business and money that could make its way to the city after the fact.
I loved being in an Olympic Host City. I saw things that less than 1% of 1% of the world has gotten to see in person.
Ticket cost? Ridiculously high.
But if done right..some of the “stuff” surrounding the actual game could be a blast.
It’s communal. In a good way.
I’d like my local teams to be playing IN these games more than hosting..but I can’t control that.
Today I’m happy for the people who helped get these events. There was/is a price to pay.
Now i put my trust in a lot of people to do the right thing leading up to these events..not blindly mind you..and the right thing make this a win for the city.
Now enjoy it today.
And get to work to make this what it should be.



Lebron did this! Pssst. It’s a flop. A ridiculously comical and pitiful flop! Click the picture or HERE to see some classic “B-Movie Acting” for yourself!


So this NBA Impersonator Brandon Armstrong did this, and it’s the funniest thing you will see all day! Click the picture below or HERE to see a masterpiece of acting!