Jovan Miles – Principal of Thomasville Heights Elementary

Jovan Miles joins Buck and Kincade to discuss “Purpose Built Schools – Atlanta,” a program that combines the best of traditional public schools with the best of charter schools, to offer a proven program designed to put all students on a trajectory for success through college and in their careers. Find out how it has improved Jovan Miles’ school, Thomasville Elementary and how it can help other troubled inner-city schools. Find out more about this program HERE!

Chad Parker – East Lake Golf Club President & Gen. Mgr.

Chad Parker, East Lake Golf Club’s President & General Manager, joins Buck and Kincade to talk about the upcoming FedEx Cup Championship. Is it time to get excited about this golf tournament consisting of the current best 30 players in golf?  YOU BET IT IS! Click Play to hear about all that golf fans can expect!

Chris Womack – Southern Company VP On Upcoming FedEx Cup

Chris Womack, Executive VP of Southern Company, joins Buck and Kincade today to discuss the upcoming FedEx Championship at East Lake, the charities and volunteers involved with the event, Southern Company’s role in the tournament, and MORE! Find out what you and the family can enjoy at the FedEx Cup today!


Danny Shoy – President of the East Lake Foundation

Danny Shoy, President of the East Lake Foundation, joins Buck and Kincade to talk about the mission of the East Lake Foundation, those it benefits, and its relationship with the PGA Tour! It’s classic stuff from a Classy Organization on “Buck and Kincade!” CLICK TO LISTEN!