Brett Daniels – Chief Operating Officer of the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee

Brett Daniels, Chief operating Officer of the Atlanta Superbowl Host Committee, joins Buck and Kincade to bring us all up to speed with the upcoming Superbowl.  What is left that needs to be done?  How can people get involved?  What has the city done to get ready for the world to arrive?  Find out this and more on this edition of “The Business of Sports!”

Derek Schiller – President of Business, The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves 2018 season is over, but now is when the work begins! Derek Schiller, President of Business for The Atlanta Braves, discusses with John some of the plans the Braves have for the 2019 season.  Will there be new player acquisitions?  Is Liberty Media, the owner of the Braves, ready to pony up some major cash for prime talent?  Listen in and find out what the Braves have in store for the fans next year, and the goals they have set for themselves as a team and organization!

Greg Mize – Senior Director, Marketing & Innovation at Atlanta Braves

Greg Mize speaks with John about SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta.  Learn what the Braves have planned for the playoffs and what the Braves had in mind with the creation of the Battery Atlanta.  It’s about more than just watching the Braves games, it’s about creating a baseball community for the fans and a destination for entertainment for the entire city of Atlanta!

Martin Stephenson – Tournament Director PGA Tour Championship

Kincade chats with Martin Stephenson about all that we can expect from the 2018 PGA Tour Championship and the Fedex Cup in Atlanta.