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It was very romantic over the weekend .  Ray Rice, instead of carrying his wife over the threshold dragged her over it

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Please ask your co hosts if they realize how much a scholarship is worth?  Tuition, 3 meals a day, room and board, tutors, some clothing, classes picked for you.  I would guess the amount would be around 50k+ a year.  

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but thanks for being the voice of reason on the pay for play issue.
1.  A full scholarship with books, housing, meals, tutoring, and a stipend is worth $50,000 - $100,000 per year depending on what school they are attending.  I'd say that is pretty good pay.  For those who will not be playing professional sports (the great majority) that is likely more annually than they will be making in the first several years of employment.  For those that will, it gave them the platform to display their skills to potential employers and gave them access to the best equipment, best trainers, and best coaches available.  How much is that worth?
2.  The fact that you contribute to a successful program does not automatically entitle you to compensation.  680 the Fan is a for profit organization.  I don't get a cent when you read my emails or take my calls.  Hell, Mel's got his own intro.  How much does he get from 680.  If people stopped calling in and writing in, you wouldn't have much of a show.  It would just be you guys talking for three hours..... er sorry, that's probably what Steak and Perry would prefer.  I think I'm going to start demanding $3 per minute when I'm on the air.  Mel is more popular, so he should get at least $10 a minute.  Obviously I'm being facetious, but I think you get my point.
Gary Hosmer
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As of 1/1/13, there has been a significant change with respect to the "marital privilege" law in Georgia. If the charge is one of "domestic violence" or "child abuse" of some sort, the marital privilege may no longer be asserted. That is, the court will, under penalty of contempt, compel the testimony under those circumstances. Now the "victim" or "witness" in the case of child abuse or molestation is allowed to say on the stand and under oath, "I don't want him/her prosecuted" but will be compelled to testify and if his/her testimony is significantly different from what was reported to the police, a charge of "False report of a crime" could be forthcoming to insure the integrity of the proceeding.

George M. Plumides
Additional things to consider:|
  • Healthcare: Student Athletes vs Pay For Play:  Student Athlete have all rehab and training included as is the current structure.  Pay For Play(ers) have those cost deducted from their salary or they can opt for another provider (i.e. the Healthcare act)
  • Also, considering the per game is tiered relative to the NFL min and the distribution of athletic skill.  The size and prominence of the program is also relative.  (i.e. a low tier Pay for Play freshman at ALA gets $800.00, whereas at GaST maybe $80.00(at which point I am positive the Student Athlete option is more ideal)
(Perry!  sorry for my typos and grammar..I know how YOU ARE!  (for ex.  paid vs paid)
On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 7:52 AM, ERIC SANDERS <> wrote:
Hi Guys,
I just wanted to weigh-in on the issue of compensation for athletes who play college sports.  The reason I am phrasing it in such a round-about way is because I simply think life is about choices.  I have no problem with colleges and universities paying athletes to play there but in order to make it affordable and feasible the options should be:  
you can EITHER play on scholarship and be allowed to have a part-time job (Student Athlete), OR you can be paid as an employee of the school with the freedom to make money on your likeness (Pay For Play).  
  • If you choose the former (Student-Athlete) you have the right to switch to the second option at anytime.  However if you choose to stay in school and be paid you have to re-enroll under "normal" academic standards.  This will encourage some athletes to stay longer than the required time before being draft-eligible

  • If you choose the latter(Pay for Play) you ARE an EMPLOYEE of the school.  Thus will have no access to any event or facility not directly related to or necessary for their job (no key cards to dorms student union library lab etc).  Any involvement in on campus or campus adjacent student activities  like "parties" can be grounds for termination just like with professors and staff).  If you choose or want to be Pay For Play and take classes as a Student you have to enroll under normal academic standards and pay with your own money...  OR you can switch to Student Athlete in which case you will not be paid and cannot make money on your likeness.
Additional notes:
It would stand to reason that the PAY FOR PLAYER max salary be the NFL min salary.  So a senior can make at most 23,438 max per game.  I would imagine a freshmen at max would make at most approx 8,000 per game.  Assuming normal distribution the average freshman might make 2,000 per game, lower tier 800.
Money for likeness includes money from booster and fans.. (if RB-22 from U-TECH wants to set up a donation page they are free to do so).  Just like campaign-finance this a danger (i.e. game fixes) if not transparent 
It would also stand to reason that the universities/colleges be given compensatory scholarships to "replace" the players they have to pay.
This option does nothing for the kids because we can imagine what most would pick, however high school baseball players face this now.  Offering an "either"/"or" keeps things fair and balanced.  Life is about Choices!
    Jadeveon Clowney said, and I quote..."I think my work ethic is pretty good." at his pro day yesterday.  Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy about his commitment.  Either he's being very honest (my personal opinion) or his handlers have not taught him very well.  I think words such as.... "excellent, outstanding, superb, great"... might have instilled a little more confidence in potential employers.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Da’ rude man; Ya’ll my caffeine in the morn’ns, especially when I’m getting the kid’s to school, my rude awakenin’ gets me roll’n in the morn’ns. As a advid listener to the fan, ya’ll get me stirred up & it’s appreciated very much, how rude!! Keep it up guys.

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