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Mar 11, 2014 -- 2:30pm



Perry tries to portray himself as this sophisticated and worldly man and yet he has this almost unnatural hate for soccer, the world's favorite sport. Plus, he doesn't understand the term "commie."

It seems odd that someone would flip the channel for a 30 second or less highlight for soccer. It almost seems as if he has some deep-seeded psychological tipping point in the past that has driven these present-day rants against soccer.

Perhaps, in high school, the school board voted against sanctioning frisby golf as a sport, and the school's soccer coach lobbied against it. Another possibility is that Perry's first girlfriend in high school dumped him for a soccer player.

Nathan in Cumming
After years of extensive research, the respective Eldrich Tont Woods Institutes for Spinal Injuries and Back Pain, and Respiratory and Digestive Conditions have proven that there is a direct medical relationship between back pain and choking.         Rim shot
Sorry, it was the best I could do.  And yes, that is his real middle name 
Gary Hosmer

Rude, listen to you every morning for years! I believe one morning you said that you graduated from Clearwater High School in

Clearwater Florida. What year did you graduate? My 3 sisters graduated from Clearwater High School….Tracy Reeder,Kelly Reeder and Kim Reeder.

 Hi Reeders,

A long, long time ago. I used to go see concerts at Bayfront Center and Curtis Hixon Hall?

Plus, we didn't even have air conditioning in 2 of my classes! 



You may already know, but five minutes ago, Medlin threw his 58th pitch and then instantaneously walked off the mound, did not pass go, just walked straight to the dugout, past the trainer and into the clubhouse.  My guess, pure speculation of course, is he felt something pop, and will likely be done for the year.  Remember he previously had Tommy John - not good.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
hey rude i know its none of my busisness but when are you and perry going down to spring training. buck and kincaide went down the first week, front row the second week, chunk and chernoff this past week and now buck and kincaide again next week. what da hell is going on over there at 680?^^%$#*)_)(* lol! hey i am off next week so i will holla at you on 3-17-14. love ya rude!
This morning Perry mused out loud, when the last time rules were changed due to the expertise of the players.  I can think of three occurrences in recent memory.
The first was back in the 1970's when major league baseball lowered the pitcher's mound.  If my memory serves me, the AL had only one player hit above .300 that year (Carl Yazstremski???).  In reaction to the dominance of the pitchers, the mound was lowered.
The next rule change I would call the "Alcindor Rule."  When Lew Alcindor went off to UCLA, the NCAA was so fearful of his dominance in the low post, they banned the dunk.  Of course, Alcindor still dominated and eventually this silly rule was done away with.
The only other occasion in my recollection were the rules changes enacted because of another dominant center - Wilt Chamberlain.  I know of three separate rules changes that came about because of his abilities.  The first was crossing the free throw line.  Chamberlain was able to start at the back of the free throw circle, take a few steps and dunk the free throw.  The rule was changed so that he could no longer do this. The rule was changed to "a player could not cross the free throw line until the ball hit either the rim or the backboard."  Today I think the rule is once the ball leaves the shooter's hand.
The second and third rule changes were to the configuration of the court.  The lane used to look like a "key" when basketball originated.  Because Wilt was so dominant down low, they widened the lane to get him further form the basket.  That configuration is still in place today.
The third change was to the blocks on the free throw lane.  Those originally were two inches wide at all locations.  Chamberlain would just reach over the inside man and either tip in the missed free throw or get the rebound.  The NBA widened the lowest block to, I think, 9 inches wide to put some space between him and the inside man.  Again, this change is still in place today.
Now as an aside, the sculptor that did the 4 presidents on Mount Rushmore also did a sculpture of Crazy Horse.  The Crazy Horse sculpture towers over Mount Rushmore is size.   A few weeks ago Lebron James made his "Mount Rushmore" statement and all the pundits were busying themselves listing their 4 NBA ballplayers to put on Mount Rushmore.  It makes for great radio to discuss/argue who the four players should be on the Mount Rushmore of the NBA.  Personally, there is only one player worthy of taking the place of the Crazy Horse sculpture and that is Wilt Chamberlain.
Nobody holds as many individual records in one sport as does Chamberlain does in his.  The record for the most rebounds in a single game is 56 and, by the way, he did it against the Celtics and somebody named Russell.  Lebron James a few days ago scored 61 points and this was the lead story all over the media.  Chamberlain averaged 50.1 for a season.  Think about it for a moment.  For every 40 point game he had that season, he had to score 60 just to keep his average.
Chamberlain has a record that will never be broken.  In one season, he averaged 48.5 minutes played per game.  A regulation game is 48 minutes long.  This means he had to play every minute of every game and the overtimes as well.  The "level of competition" argument goes out the window on this record.  Today's players get hurt in warmups.  When Chamberlain played, there were no charter flights and no luxury motor-coaches.  Chamberlain lived in Manhattan when he played for Philly.  He commuted back and forth for every home game and practice.  In fact, on the night he scored 100 points against the Knicks, he hitched a ride back to NY with some of the Knicks players.  I would've have given anything to be in the car to hear him dog those guys.  
Traveling back then had to take a toll on the body.  Even with that, he showed up each and every night and played the game - the entire game.  Russell's accomplishments were team oriented.  If Russell played in Philly and Chamberlain in Boston, we would have never hear of him.

George D. Krall

Why all the uproar about placating to the students at college football games? Their tickets are a dollar or something. If you don't want to go, sell your tickets to contributors and alumni who have money and will pay real money to go to the games and are waiting to get a shot at season tickets and will pay the contribution to the university and go get drunk with your iPhones... Piping in music etc. Ridiculous.

Tony Rutherford


Hey Front Row, RUDE Version 2.0,

Ya'll know Snelling had the best blocking stats out of any non OL position on Falcons O?  I thought the objective was to 'PROTECT RYAN".  Better make up for loss of Snelling.  
How is Jackson's blocking stats with those bad knees?  Jacquizz a good blocker?
hi chris! i know this does not mean anything to you but i just want you to know along with Finn and Sandra i too really appreciate you feeling in for steak. lol! Rude i really mean what i am about to say, because of your personality, professionalism, honesty and most of all your impecable comedic timing, i'd really have a hard time choosing an R&B radio personality (Tom Joyner, Frank Ski) over you if i marooned on a deserted island and had only one radio station to listen to. i love ya man!
Dude, OVER Tom Joyner & Frank Ski???? That's the nicest thing anybody has EVER said to me (including my mom)!

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