680 The Fan from the Harshly Inclement Weather Center

Jan 31, 2014 -- 2:32pm

Check out this great picture taken by our very own Katie Welch from the 680 The Fan studios!


  • Christopher Rude This is the view from the 680 The Fan offices
  • Rick Cartee This could be a reason why some people up north think people in the south are idiots!!
  • Paul Botner Looks like Rude isn't going anywhere anytime soon!!!
  • John Adams holy crap!!!
  • John Adams Glad I left at noon... suckas!!!
  • Jeff Foust My wife works right down Johnson Ferry from you guys, and she said that after watching people go nowhere for the last few hours, she's gonna hunker down at work for the night. Luckily she brought supplies with her!
  • Rick Cartee I've lived here pretty much all of my life. I remember the ice storm in the 70's that shut down everything for weeks, snowjam 82, the blizzard of 93, and the snowstorm of 2011. No matter how much GA officials and the DOT say we're prepared for bad weather everything's still a mess. The south is not equipped to handle snow or ice. At the first sign that bad weather is approaching Gov't officials, schools and businesses should get their heads out of their asses and let people get safe at home asap.
  • Rob Stearns Rick......you are spot on!!
  • Charles A. Dima The problem is, this storm approached quickly. If businesses gave employees options like ours did, there wouldn't be this mess. Stay or go at your own discretion. You will not be paid for your leave unless you choose to use vacation time. No paid day off or sick day. This way an employee decides on their own, some stay and some go. Letting everyone out at the same time is dimwitted.
  • Rick Cartee Agree Charles. Even if the weather doesn't get bad staying home is better than being out in this.

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