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Jan 24, 2014 -- 12:28pm



I don’t know which one of you said this this morning but I just had to comment.


As one of you were reading from the NFL’s form 990 to the IRS explaining the NFL’s “not for profit status” the other said, “let’s move on, they’re in it to make money.”


What part of “not for profit” did the speaker not understand?

501©3 status means they are operating under the same IRS guidelines as churches, the Red Cross, March of Dimes, A Child’s Wish, etc, etc.


Not for profit means supposedly that they cannot make a profit. Duh!



          A man running a not for profit in Atlanta that fed 1000’s each week went to jail because they spent not for profit money for their own profit.

          10 – 15 years ago the CEO of Red Cross was criticized and forced out because while soliciting donations she was making a large salary.

          Recently on a local tv station a charity was investigated by the station for spending millions to make a few bucks that 80% went for her salary.


Mr. Goodell and the NFL are in it to make a profit. That’s the point. Congratulations to him and them. But the IRS should change their status and have them pay applicable taxes like other corporations. Because of their “not for profit” status they get huge tax breaks on property, corporate taxes, retirement plans, etc. That is a joke. The NFL should pay their share of taxes.


I hope the speaker never decides to criticize any other “not for profit” CEO or church pastor for making a lot of money or flying around in corporate jets like Mr. Goodell does.






Dimitroff just supplied the bullet for his own firing squad.

Nobody wants a “Co-General Manager”





Rudy A. Carcaterra



hi chris i just wanted to thank you so much for thinking of me. i know you don't have a favorite listener or emailer but i sometimes feel kind of special (lol!) because you always reply to my emails or you read them over the airwaves. i tell my wife all the time how you respond to my emails. (smile) Anyway again thanks for being so nice man.

So does Perry think nobody should take the Browns job? 
What a dumbass....



Stumbled on"Boiler Room" running on IFC tonight.  Vin Diesel reciting Gordon Gecko: don't forget that fine performance...
Love the show!
If I had to make a list of the consistent Top 10 College Football programs with NFL talent, my list would be the 10 teams particular order.  There is a total of 11 players from the 15 Schools listed below, which is really concerning.  If you look into this even more, that's when it gets really interesting. We only drafted 6 players from the top 10 Schools and only 3 of those were in the top 2 rounds.  In my opinion, this has to change ASAP if we plan on winning a Super Bowl. 
1. Georgia - 1 (Akeem Dent - Drafted in 3rd Round)
2. Alabama - 2 (Julio Jones - Drafted 1st Round / Mike Johnson - Drafted 3rd Round)
3. Florida - 0
4. Florida State - 1 (Antone Smith - Undrafted FA)
5. LSU - 0
6. Texas - 1 (Justin Blalock - Drafted 2nd Round)
7. USC - 1 ( Sam Baker - Drafted 1st Round)
8. Auburn - 1 (Josh Harris - Undrafted FA Long snapper)
9. Miami - 2 (Matt Bosher - Drafted in 6th Round Punter / Harland Gunn - Undrafted FA)
10. Ohio State - 0
Honorable Mentions: Michigan - 0 / Oklahoma - 1 / Virginia Tech - 0 / Nebraska - 0 / Clemson - 1 
JC Smalls
hi rude. got an email from your producer last Wednesday asking me when i listen to the show. i informed him i listen from 6:30 to 9:00. says you were going to do something on Denzel. well i was off on Friday and was wondering if you did your piece on Denzel. If i missed it could i go on line and listen to it on 680thefan? oh by the way was watching Bonanza this past weekend and Pernell Roberts was in this particular episode and man oh man as i was sitting there watching a slim, young, handsome, dark black hair Pernell Roberts, i closed my eyes for a few seconds and thought i was listening to my favorite radio personality Christopher Rude!!!! Am i the only listener in atlanta who knows this about your voice and Pernell Roberts. Please get up on a Saturday morning and watch "Bonanza" Lol!!
Love you man!

Stop saying “This is not who he is”

That he is “Better than that”

It is EXACTLY what he is.

Much like a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so is a persons personality.

You are what your lowest common denominator is.

The minute you sink to that level, it defines who you really are.

Like the saying goes, “If you suck one cock, you’re a cocksucker”

Once you shoot your mouth off, you’ve defined who you REALLY are.



Rudy A. Carcaterra



So it was ok for Ali to spout off, but Sherman gets persecuted? Society wants people how to live their lives now. 

Please stop putting Mel on, it brings the show to a level that I don't enjoy. I change the station every time I hear that guy.

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What!! No mention of '12 Years a Slave?' If Perry loves cinema the way he says then he would love this film. Fassbender & Nyongo were sensational!! It's an American story, plain and simple!!


If you are keeping score, the team that drafts you and brings you through their farm system gets extra points.   Not just innings played at organization. 

"Foundation Clark"
Clark M. Campbell, CWS

From the stats from the New England/Denver game New England ran the ball 17 times (including the 2 pt attempt), threw the ball 24 times. Denver ran the ball 24 times and threw it 32 times. There were a total of 4 punts and 7 pat's or fg attempts. This is a total of 112 plays. The average play is 6.5 secs. Perry likes doing the math, and this is a total of 12 min and 8 secs of football.
Bill (Alpharetta)

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