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Dec 13, 2013 -- 3:18pm


Good morning Guys,
Love the show... Please tell Leo to continue to disrespect Auburn....  we love his Lou Holtz style of 
Objective football analysis.. "Auburn beating Alabama is a fluke".. .  300 yards of rushing between the tackles- 
simply dominating the line of scrimmage... shutting them down defensively- stuffing Yeldon in the backfield on 4th & 1..
setting up a return on a 57 yard field goal attempt & simply outcoaching Saban..  Truly a fluke..   Just like the way they 
put up 545 yards on the ground against Mizzu..  A fluke... Auburn is terrible..   Am sure when they take FSU to the  woodshed 
Leo &  Lou Holtz will continue to disrespect.. .    A fluke was a mediocre at best team like Notre Dame beating Michigan State..  
Keep on jabbing Leo..  We love it!

Rue Rue, I wanted to get to you while Mel is on hold with that other station down the dial. I know (and I'm white), you know, and all of AMERICA knows that the reason RG trey got benched is because he black! Dat right, it racial. He BLACK Rude, Black, Black, Black!! You don't see no white QB getting benched fo a black QB, now do ya?? It racial! Just a'cause the mayo of DC had some issues, all da white folk profilin RG trey. It ain't right, it racial!!
Enjoy the show,
Garry Stroup
Morning Rude!

Could you PLEASE get someone behind the glass to make that "dorks dorks dorks!" clip available! I love it and I need it for a ringtone!

Been a big Chris Rude fan since the 80s! So glad you're on grown-up radio!


yo fellas what are you two going to do to compensate me and the other 6 listeners for lost time on the rude awakening show. its 8:10 in the morning i have not heard the smooth deep barritone voice of one Chris Rude nor any of the 75cent words from one Perry Laurentino whats up!!!! lol! love you two.
I realize nobody really cares about the NBA, but still..... Can you believe how bad the Eastern Conference is.  Of the 15 teams in the East, THREE have winning records and one, our beloved, eh, Hawks are .500.
Conversely 9 of the 15 teams in the West have winning records and two more are at .500.
I Guess parity is not real high on the NBA agenda.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
It's hard for rg111 when redskins defense sucks.  Worst in the league.  Sf and Seattle the best     How was drew brees last year with bad def

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Hello Christopher,


The streaming is not working this morning, FYI.


I’m an old rocker that’s been with you since the old days, just turned 60, ouch !  Love the show except for NBA talk, have no use for any part of it….


Have a great time off and Merry Christmas,


Tom Holmes


Do you and Perry really hate each other, or is that part of the act?  If it’s the act, you both deserve Oscars.



1.  Chris, not sure if it was you, but thanks for the Gary Clark Jr. bumper music the other day (Bright Lights) - Nice.  Go see him leading off for the Kings of Leon
2.  In answer to your question this a.m. - Amy Schumer - who by the way will be at the Cobb Energy Center on February 21, 2014
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators

Here’s the dirty little secret.

Nick Marshal CAN throw the ball



Rudy A. Carcaterra


After all the crying and clamoring for a playoff, the BCS once again has the two most deserving playing for the Championship, as it has for just about every year of it's existence.
Amazing how these things work out isn't it.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators

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