Rude's Random Thoughts (in 140 characters or less)

Nov 08, 2013 -- 12:31pm
Rude's Random Thoughts (in 140 characters or less)
1. Is it a "racial slur" if it was used by a man who has been dubbed an "honorary black man?"
No, I think Richie Incognito GETS the pass here. He earned it.
2. Dad Gum It!!! Sorry for swearing. I missed Al Roker's prostate exam on The Today Show. I really meant to set the DVR! Oh BTW, I'm not making light of prostate awareness and cancer prevention. I think it was a very brave thing for Al to expose himself like that on national TV.
3. Nobody wins an award better than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has probably won at least a THOUSAND awards, yet every time it feels like the first time. I appreciate her enthusiasm for something that should never become mundane...and I hope she approaches every aspect of her life with that same youthful exuberance. Its refreshing.
4. Should Tiger Woods miss a Golf Tournament (or two) to go watch his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn compete in the Winter Olympics? What if it was a major?
5. When will Anna Benson start dating again? Would you date Anna Benson (or because of one bad night that may or may not have been accurately reported) you've passed judgement on Anna and decided (without every really knowing her) that's she's not your type? She got probation.
6. I just saw Jonathan Martin's personality scores. Looks like he's definitely Leadership Council material.
7. I am officially defending Freddie the Falcon. Freddie the Falcon tweeted, "Had a good time at the suicide prevention walk today. I may need to go back if our season continues the way it is.”  In the words of Steve Martin "Comedy is not pretty." We all knew what Freddie meant. Don't let you're twisted, uptight political correctness taint your sense of humor.
But that's just my opinion, if you disagree...get your own blog!
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