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Oct 04, 2013 -- 2:56pm


BJ may not be playing but at least he got to spend several hours with Kate Upton... I'd take it.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Curious if you guys know if Kershaw made it out of the stadium after the game. All the gushing that the TBS announcers were doing about him, LA might watch keep a close eye on him. 

Same goes for Puig. They could not say enough about him. Meanwhile he is one of the most undisciplined mlb players at the plate and in the field for that matter.  And that catch that he made look so easy, where the announcers compared him to the catch that Upton couldn't get to, the two balls weren't even close to the same vicinity. Upton's was two feet off the foul line and 3 feet from the track. Puig's ball wasn't even close to the track and a good 10 feet from the line.  Hell of a lot easier for Puig.

I mean Braves got owned last night, but man, it was a little over the top at times.  At least I am going to the game tonight so I don't have to listen to those clowns.

Morning Crew,


With the Braves playing the first round of playoff’s this week going into the weekend, UGA playing Tennessee this Saturday mid-evening, and the Falcons playing the New York Jets Monday night.


It’s quite possible…that the city of Atlanta could be a very victorious & happy-go-lucky city comes next time this week! Orwe could be a ghost town in total despair with nothing to look forward to (which is very scary); if the trio home teams looses!


  1. If the Braves loose the series…”They Go Home…it’s over!”


  1. If UGA looses…”Practically…No BCS Bowl” insight for them!


  1. If the Falcons looses…”At 1-4 they have no chance of making the Playoff’s”!



This could be a very spooky & scary sports weekend for Atlanta (Ghost A-town)!




To all of you-




First, I listen every day to all programs and its very entertaining.  GA boy, live here, grew up here…huge Braves and Dawgs fan, not so big Falcons fan, but watch them. 



OFFENSE:  I am sick of the Falcons fans bashing Matt Ryan everyday this year.  I didn’t hear anything last year like this.  Two years ago, the O-Line was horrible and all I heard was Matt can’t make the big time throws and is getting sacked, not an elite QB…etc.  Last year with a great O-Line, he was the Matt Ryan we all hoped he could be bc of the O-Line and the protection.  When he has time and is not on his a$$, he can make all the reads/throws Peyton and Brady make, just as easy.  He has the arm strength as we saw last year, he just needs the time to throw it…last year case in point.  MAKE CHANGES ON THE O-LINE AND MATT RYAN WILL BE FINE….if Roddy can get healthy.  Having 2 big weapons (best tandem in the NFL when healthy) outside is key to strong team.  Tony G is Tony G…the best there is.  Bottom line, Matty Ice is worth the money, but needs help up front to make it rain on the field like he scored on his contract and to prove to these jaded Falcons fans he is an GREAT QB!


DEFENSE:  All great Defenses have had a star or superstar at all 3 levels…..Ravens last year for instance.  Suggs on the line, Lewis as the LB, and Reed in the secondary.  This is what the Falcons lack.  They have good players at all levels but not elite at all levels.  Injuries are killing us right now-



X-Mas come early that Uggla is out of the NLDS?!  I still think like Leo, personally, that the best way to get out of a slump is to keep them in and keep getting gametime at bats and real-time “experience”…see Jason Heyward not going to Fla for rehab at bats.  Hope the Braves from the beginning of the year show up this postseason!  ATL NEEDS THIS!  GET OVER THE HUMP FOR ALL TEAMS…Hawks, Falcons, Braves--




I would love a response back and thoughts, and know this is too long to read on air, but enjoy!



Andy Ruchin

Hello, my name is Major League Baseball......I know that the average fan doesn't pay much attention to the playoffs and the Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt Thursday night game had a better rating than the World Series, but I am going to stick to what is not working.  First of all, we have this great new double wild card spot that allows a team that may finish 8-10 games back from another team in a 162 game season to move on in a 1 game playoff....Brilliant!!  Next, our real 1st round is a 5 game series because all of a sudden we are trying to quickly wrap up a season that has already lasted 6 months long.  How about we also try and squeeze 5 games in 1 day during the work week at odd times like 3:07 and 6:07, just so it makes it difficult for our fans to attend or even watch the games....Because there were lot's of games played during the week at 3:07 and 6:07 during the 162 game regular season right?.....or none.  
The Baseball playoffs frustrate me and here are a few changes I think could make things better.
My Suggestions: It might not be perfect, but I think it can help.
  • Start the Season around March 15th and shorten Spring training by 2 weeks.  Spring training is to long and starting this early will allow the playoffs to add the extra games to the playoffs and only compete with the beginning of the Football season and not the heart of it. 
    • 150 game season / All the records are tarnished anyway so those don't matter.  Nothing worse than 90% of the teams going through the motions the final 3 weeks.
      • The Wildcard play in game should be a 3 game series hosted by the team with the better record.  Anything can happen in a 1 game playoff...see infield fly rule last year.
        • All 3 series after the Wildcard should be 7 games.  Teams with 2 great pitchers can knock out a team with a better overall staff because of the short series.
          • Add Replay to playoffs...its not 1906. 
JC Smalls
I think Atlanta's just soft, the team leans on the scheme to much.... They can't like up and hit teams in the mouth. That's why they are having a red zone issues why are we not setting up on the 10 yard lines 2tight ends or bring in an extra lineman.
Tobias Bell
How can a baseball team get two triples, one double and three singles in the same inning  ...  and not score a single run???  Try to figure it out, but if you can't,
The answer is below the dotted line
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The first batter hits a triple, and is thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park home run
The second batter hits a triple and is then picked off third by the pitcher
The third batter gets a double
The fourth batter gets an infield single to short, the runner at second holding
The fifth batter gets an infield single deep in the hole at short, both previous runners advance, loading the bases with two outs.
The sixth batter hits a wicked ground ball which hits the base runner going from first to second.  The batter is credited with a single, the runner is automatically out.
Ta Da.. You can make some money at a bar with that one.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
Obviously I am extremely dissented in the season so far, but I am not ready to give up.  The Red Zone woes are making me lose the hair I have left, but it has to get better when Roddy and S-Jax come back to full health.  That being said, below is the Falcons remaining schedule.  There are 6 Wins that we should definitely take care of business only because the teams are in a worse place than we are right now.  If we can go 2-4 or 3-3 in the remaining 6 against (SF, Seattle, New Orleans, GB, and 2 agaist Carolina) then we are right there.  Below is how I see the rest of the season playing out.  10-6 record that just get's us in the playoffs. Thoughts? 
Mon, Oct 7 8:30 PMhttp://sports.espn.go.com/espntv/espnNetwork?networkID=1http://espn.go.com/watchespn/?channel=espn&launchPlayer=true Win
7 Sun, Oct 20 1:00 PM FOX - Win  
8 Sun, Oct 27 4:25 PM FOX - Win  
9 Sun, Nov 3 1:00 PM FOX - Win  
10 Sun, Nov 10 1:00 PM FOX - Loss  
11 Sun, Nov 17 1:00 PM FOX - Win  
12 Thu, Nov 21 8:25 PM NFL - Win  
13 Sun, Dec 1 4:05 PM FOX - Win  
14 Sun, Dec 8 8:30 PM NBC - Loss  
15 Sun, Dec 15 1:00 PM FOX - Win  
16 Mon, Dec 23 8:30 PMhttp://sports.espn.go.com/espntv/espnNetwork?networkID=1http://espn.go.com/watchespn/?channel=espn&launchPlayer=true - Loss  
17 Sun, Dec 29 1:00 PM FOX - Win  
JC Smalls

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