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Sep 06, 2013 -- 3:18pm


You should go back to spinning records at 96 Rock.  Keep picking the dogs to keep the home folks happy clown!
Dear Clemson Friend,
96 Rock no longer exists?
Has anyone seen Aaron Murray and Matt Ryan at the same place and time? Really think they are the same person

Morning Rude & Perry,


It’s no secret that the Atlanta Flacon’s have the best collaboration of skilled player’s on offense PERIOD! Even with the lackluster talent at the O-line, they still manage to tilt the scale in their favor as being a high powered offense.


With this in mind…will the Birds go out on Sunday afternoon and show the league they are indeed “The 11 Men of Steel” or will they play like 11 individual Clark Kent’s (basically playing with no enthusiasm or confidence). Another concern is…can Mike Smith coach with the matching fiery of a General Zod (to dominant the entire game without a reasonable conscious)!


I guess Sunday @ 1pm will answer all the above questions…so UP, UP, UP and away guys!





Rude, Perry,
For the past two days I've listened to you both go on a sort of tirade against the media and their latest birage of sneering remarks towards Johnny Manziel.
Before the two of continue to defend poor Johnny you might want to check out this guys history.  In ESPN the Magazine's August issue, Doug Finger of the Gainsville Sun writes an article on Johnny Football where he outlines some unseemly traits of Mr. Johnny; traits that may get this guy arrested or worse, hospitalized if he continues down this trail. 
Manziel's a pampered, self-centered, churlish bully who finds no problem in disrespecting his elders with his angst and constant spewing of filth.  His parents treat him with kid gloves because they're afraid of his temper. 
This guy is no Saint!
Then why would they put him on the cover of TIME magazine?
I give you Florida was not ready to play Louisville, or lets say not thrilled, at beginning of the game.  However, after Louisville goes up 14 then 21 to 0 Florida should have been ready to play at least for pride.
This is the SEC.  All other conferences are high school teams. 
Players play.  I would think some would not show up but most will. 
Love your show.
Thanks Kevin

Hey Rude,


First of all, I want to say thank you for considering me for your upcoming committee.  “You like me.  You really like me!”   (actually that’s a misquote of Sally)


Now, like most people of worth, such as Leo and Sheryl Crow, I also have a rider that I want to attach as a condition to my acceptance to this heralded committee.


First, I would like to know what the committee is committeeing on…that’s reasonable.


Second, instead of green M&M’s I would like to receive green enemas.  Believe me, I’ll know the difference!


Whereas your regular enemas achieve the desired result, bringing about a gentle return to regularity; the green ones, used by most high school wrestlers trying to make weight, come with a magazine subscription and a seat cushion and on the streets are referred to as the backdoor blaster.


Last but not least; is there any way you can keep Leo out of the fast lane?


Morning Guys,

If SCAR beats UGA by more than 3, where do you put them?


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