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Aug 30, 2013 -- 3:46pm


Tom glavine tries to sound so inteligent.  He is baseballs versión of joe theisman

I think USC needs to promote their defensive coordinador to head coach

Congrats to uga for that great vandy/ole Miss game...

People on Facebook ate taking preseason football way to serious

I like the jaguars helmets

Falcons and rams have the worst uniforms in the nfl

I would Love nothing better than the NLCS to be LA VS ATLANTA....with the dodgers winning game 7 here....

Dear BS,
Don't be hatin' on Tom Glavine or I'm going to have to come over there!
Maybe we can do dinner and listen to some Beatles?
p.s. I don't like the Jags new helmets...looks like they got in the way while i was trying to spray paint one of my models. BTW, I'm working on the Barnabas Vampire Van from the ole Dark Shadows TV show. I'll bring it over when we have dinner...
Keep hearing how "Georgia can't handle playing a top ten team on the first game. If only we had them later in the schedule." Can you please remind the listeners and co host, that Georgia is ranked higher right now and was a play away from the national title game last year. Clemson falls flat every year. Georgia does not. Go dawgs!

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I'll tell em Justin!
The reason why it took 6 hours was because they outfitted Johnny with a set of flag football flags and everytime the ncaa grabbed one they could ask a question......6 hours later the ncaa went hone empty handed
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