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Aug 02, 2013 -- 2:35pm


I have an image in my head of Pete Rose, seated outside the hall of fame at his table of stuff he's selling.
Standing at the front of the table, looking down, is Alex Rodriguez.
Pete's just looking up at him saying, "I've been waiting for you."
It's more of one of those commentary scenes in the intelligent newspapers than funny.  I won't be surprised if it doesn't appear if/when, A-rod's suspended for life.

Hey Perry, NOBODY tips on a take-out order, especially at a Chinese restaurant when you are walking in and walking out.  Do you also tip 15% to the McDonalds cashier? Or how about your local barbecue rib shack? Do you give them $35 on a 35 order?  No!  What about the gas station attendant when you buy chips?  Do you give them a couple of extra dollars?  I tip 25-30% at restaurants ‘cause I have been in the tip business before.  But no tip is ever expected for grabbing your sacks of food and leaving.




Tim Callaway


My daughter and her friends took the same type of picture after their graduation parties this summer.  It was all the money they received as gifts. It was over $1,000! Should she be in trouble because she received a scholarship to UGA?


Please someone get Leo to back away from the mic while eating his breakfast. It's gross hearing the chewing & smacking! Maybe it's not Leo? Love the show!

Daily listener,
Webb V.

Will you please tell Perry to stop w/the trading McCann crap. B/c that's what it is. Crap. Does he really believe that the Braves would deal Mac let alone w/in the division for Cliff Lee? Perry's smarter than this. If Mac walks at the end of the season, the Braves get a 1st rd.pick for him. I guess Perry doesn't want the BRaves to win the World Series, b/c we can't win it w/o Mac. I guess Kincade needs to take Perry out at the knees again for his ridiculous take on this like he did a couple of days ago. Perry is smarter then this.
Play down for the clown!  John Hatfield ,  Robins AFB  GA

Here’s one that harkens back to the 70’s…….


Radio edit version:

“Send in the Clowns, for Clowney”


LP version:

“Send in the Clowns, for Clowney,

There ought to be Clowns, for Clowney”

Clowney Slogan - Lay downey for Clowney



How about, "Lose ten for Jadeveon"
Or, "Lose six and ten for Jadeveon"
Not sure if those were done or not, had to cut off the show in the parking lot.
LOVE YOU GUYS and listen every morning!
Eric Norberg

Punt on first downy so we can draft clowney


Hey,  I thought Arthur was a better business man than this, putting all QB eggs in Ryan's basket.  Not a good idea from Dimitri,  Arthur can't see Matt Ryan will NEVER get over FUMBLING under pressure in the Playoffs!  Nothing personal just the truth til now.  
Falcons will have more regular season wins with NO SUPERBOWL appearances in Matt Ryan's tenure.  
What happens if Matt Ryan gets hurt or proves he can't dodge the Playoff rush?  
Should have given him 2 years and or traded him for CAM!  
Enjoy the show!

Maynard was the Denver character on Dobie Gillis.  I think Maynard G. Krebs.


B. Lynn Epley





One issue you guys didn't mention in your talk this morning (at least while I was listening on my way in to work) was the ammunition this gives opponents to get into his head during games.  If his anger management issues are easy to trigger with trash talk, I can see a lot of defenses trying to break his focus with these new "topics".
Have a great day.

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