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Jul 12, 2013 -- 8:57pm


Did Perry just say "Pacific Grim" was the best movie of the summer (AND better than Iron Man 3 AND Man of Steel). I thought he was the "movie guy?" He went to film school at USC?
Tyler Durden
Dear Tyler,
No, he walked by the film school on his way to chuck the frisbee.
Good Am
I have to stop and send this in.  Great show today.  You guys make me lol in my truck.  Leo going on an old cruise Perry at the beach with ugly ppl.  Great great segment.  Keep it up.
Bread man

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A report came out that Dallas Stars forward Tyler Sequin had tweeted an anti-gay comment on his Twitter account.

As usual, the player blamed the posting to hackers who had accessed his account.

 Though usually a skeptic to this excuse, in this example, I’m going to have to believe that Tyler did not make this post.

 Think about it.  Why would a guy named “Sequin” ever post an anti-gay comment?

Rip Taylor


On the topic of Colin wearing a different hat.  We were out at a club one night and Chipper walked in with a White Sox hat. It pissed is off but later I figured it was because of Chipper and Ozzie being teammates. It was during the World Series when Chicago won.

Heath Thomason=


That was the big announcement.....Boeing

Anna benson proves that a pretty face means nothing with a phucked up attitude....

Why are Men so hung up on looks....when you are having sex with Any woman....your end result will be the same

Damn its about time the dodgers show up

Trade Matt kemp now.....



I think the time to act on this is NOW.


A friend of mine has one of these.  It actually fires 410 shotgun shells AND 45 caliber shells.  He also loaded a 3rd shell which had a mixture of a slug and pellets.  You can obviously load any combination you want, ie. all shotgun, all .45, half and half, etc.  It is extremely loud and has an extremely powerful kick

                        Taurus Judge Handgun

Key Features
  • Exclusive bobbed hammer
  • Five-shot cylinder with fiber-optic sight
  • Chambered for .45 Long Colt and .410 2-1/2" shells
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
The reason people were engrossed by the Mantle/Maris chase in 1961 (I was eleven and a huge Mantle fan) was because they were chasing the all time record by Babe Ruth.  It was truly compelling.  Each day the Miami Herald had a separate block showing how many homers each had and what that projected to for each man for both 154 games AND 162 games.
Then, Sosa and McGuire were chasing Maris, and Bonds was chasing McGuire - that's why people cared about those 
Conversely, IMHO, today, nobody would give a rat's behind about a home run duel between two guys with 43 and 42 home runs with a week left in the season.  It means nothing.
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators
The only negative about this whole thing is that Freddie will be booed unmercifully by the All - Star crowd when introduced.  Hell, the Met fans already hate the Braves as it is and this voting controversy/contest will just add fuel to the fire.   They probably don't even know who Puig is, but they will still use it to boo even harder
P.S.  How in the heck did Puig supposedly get into an intense argument with Mattingly when he doesn't speak English.  A little of the lustre of a brouhaha is lost when you have to cuss at the interpreter and then wait for the interpreter to cuss the manager and then wait for the manager to cuss the interpreter and then the interpreter to cuss you....doesn't it??
Gary Hosmer
Go Gators

Word of the Day: Lane Splitting

Riding a motorcycle between two traffic lanes between cars. (which is illegal BTW)

There were a ton of cars on the roads during rush hour, so I started lane splitting to get ahead of the traffic.

I like this one better: It wasn't pretty when I opened my door to pour out my coffee! SPLAT!

Lonesome Cowboy Bert


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