Canned Hams 2 for 1

Jun 08, 2013 -- 8:55am
Even the rich n famous have to go shopping. Katherine Heigl grocery shopping. How come they don't dress like that at my Kroger?
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  • Kelly Hain 'cause you're shopping at the wrong Kroger...
  • Rupert Heinel Because most dont have her UMMMM! ass-ets
  • Matthew Louviere Because they are afraid Perry Larentino might show up!
  • Phil Harris Are you kidding
  • Phil Harris They all dress that way at Walmart
  • Christopher Rude what is she going to do with those 2 honey baked hams?
  • Blake Halberg That's one juicy tuchas!
  • Michael Wade Nichols They do! But they are dismissed as sluts!
  • Dave Savage I do. You've just never seen me there.
  • Phil Harris @ Michael Wade Nichols...LOL...I never dismiss a slut unless I am done with her...
  • John Paul Harris I've seen them look like that at the Walmart.
  • Michael Wade Nichols John Paul, don't look thru the bifocal part of your glasses until you're up close!

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