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May 10, 2013 -- 1:40pm


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Dear "Best of Atlanta 2011,"
I really can't remember what I did in 2011 that was worthy of "Best of" anything? Also, I would be curious to know who voted since all my relatives (except for my sister) are deceased? Not to complain, but I couldn't help but notice that this is a "Best Of Atlanta 2011" plaque? What took so long? Was there some sort of impropriety in the voting process that delayed the award presentation? Oh, and one more thing...$119.25 plus shipping??? What exactly did I win?

Christopher Rude
Host "The Rude Awakening"
680 The Fan/ WCNN/ Atlanta









This is for Christopher  Rude
I was Listen this Morning like I do every morning, but what you say this morning will be my last day, you say,
Because Jason Collins come out and say that he was GAY, it was like Jackie Robinson, you are a fool a stupid fool,
Jackie Robinson was able to go into Restaurant to eat, because he was Black, and black people was not able do thing
In  some part of the USA because we was Black, not because we was gay, and who care if Collins is gay,
And I had to Turn off my radio this morning, because you was a stupid fool, Black people Die because they was Black,
And yes I am Black, so get over it, and where was you Perry Laurentino ?
And Jason Collins is not a good Basketball player gay are not

Chris –


I need a link (or address) to the KY Derby spoof you guys did this a.m. referencing life / mortgage / drinking / a bad marriage / etc.


Like you, I hear it somewhere every year and, like you, I always laugh – I just did a Google search using some / all of the words and got zilch.


My wife’s from Louisville – We used to go to the derby / oaks – Big fun – You need to get some box seats and go.


Locals, you know, don’t really go to the Derby – The KY Oaks is the Friday before the Derby and that’s known as the race the locals go to – They leave the craziness to the visitors – Sit home and watch the 11 o’clock news and reports of the arrests / parties / D.U.I. road-blocks etc.


Make it a great one –



Marietta, GA


I just wanted to give you some feedback on the referee story.  My son plays baseball at a park in Dunwoody in Dekalb County.  He is in the 10/11 year old league.  There is a coach in that league who behaves so badly, that last year in the 9 year old league, men from the board of directors starting attending his games to make sure he didn't get out of hand. 
This year when my son's team played his Blue Jays, things got a little scary.  His team was batting and they needed to tie or go ahead or the game would be over because we were home.  The last batter of the game had a called strike early in the count.  This coach questioned it and said something like man that was outside, but he was calm...rude but calm.  So then this batter got a called third strike which was the ballgame.  This coach started yelling at the ump.  He was asking him in what league was the a strike and was quickly approaching the ump while yelling these types of comments about the strike.  The outfield ump hurried over and joined the homeplate ump and one of the umps pointed at that coach/dad to indicate I guess to back off and stay away.  To his credit he turned around and went into the dugout, but not before he made himself look foolish and showed his team and our team what a poor sport he was.
The funny thing is this is a rec league and was a regular season game.  Last year, every team we talked to was pulling for someone to knock his team out of the playoffs.  This year, many of us are pulling for anyone to knock out his Blue Jays.  It's unfortunate for the boys on his team because he is scary.
Baseball team mom :o)
Hey Rude,
A friend sent this article to me this morning. Don't know if you saw it.  I thought about you and Perry's discussion this morning about the TV being HD.  Looks like it isn't.
Chris Whitehead
I have an opinion about Craig Kimbrel.

I was disturbed hearing Craig was pitching this summer for the World Games (correct name?). Fast ball Pitching is about flexibility and stamina.  Not strength. Strength and stamina are different. When the body is tired the small muscles which are the key to flexibility are overwhelmed by the big muscles. (This happens in golf and field goal kicking too). Craig doesn't know it - HE is not tired- but his flexibility is. He is muscling up.  His fast ball is a tiny bit slower, and straighter.

5 or 6 games ago he circled the mound, rubbed the ball, toed the rubber, stepped off, stepped off again toed the rubber again stepped off again.  Finally, the catcher ran out to talk. His body was telling him he wasn't ready. He didn't know why.  He felt out of balance.

Freddy needs to rest him. Share closing until the All Star break.  Then he will be fine.

But if he keeps depending on the big muscles, He will be hurt by the end of the year.  Leo is an extraordinary coach, but I disagree with him when he says "Craig is fine."

You have a good show.  You get the best out of your team, a trait of a good leader. 

Rude, Noah looks like pebbles Flintstone

Jeff Enck
Peachtree City



Does Leo mean “No butter for my grits” by Big Bill Morganfield?


Tony Shell



May 4: Sit of Shame

That moment when you're sitting in your car after being pulled over by a cop. Knowing that every person driving by is looking at you.

Yesterday I was pulled over and had to endure the sit of shame as people slowly passed by looking at me.



Series is tied 3-3.  You're at home for the all important seventh game.  You make $20 million dollars a year to play basketball.  Your team is counting on you.  
You then proceed to play 39 minutes and score 6 points on 2 of 14 shooting.  
You are Joe Johnson.  

Gary Hosmer
Go Gators



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