Oh, and He's POMPOUS too!

May 03, 2013 -- 12:32pm


Call them the Washington redskins potatoes


Washington Runnin' Rabbis

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Right on rude. As a card-carrying Cherokee I found the name Redskin offensive also find the caricatures that the Indians used as offensive however I do not find the name braves or the logo that the Braves once used as offensive.  Perry is being very ignorant to ignore the 9%

Paul Jones



I get the redskin Argument.

I am white and from Gary Indiana and grew up half my life being called white boy.

Still I'm call white boy when I play basketball and it still doesn't bother me.

From the white people I'd like to say being called white as a negative connotation.

How about we just call citizens Americans instead of color and race baiting.

Maybe the Redskins can change to the Washington Americans.

White boy out.

Big E

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Great show, guys.
Just wondering.....what U. of Penn survey is being referred
to? On the Fox News website, there is a survey related article
from 2004. 768 native Americans were surveyed.
Is this the "survey" ? Please don't mention my name on air....

Keep to sports!


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We will discuss issues as warranted. As with any discussion or debate, one or both (in this case) parties may get fired up. 

"Gillis, Adam J."

Then say that on the air and stop beating around the bush about it.   It comes across as you just trying to be a shock jock and stir things up.  If you want to use your air time to be an ambassador for the Native Americans that’s fine but, I want be listening.   Like I said I want to relax on my way into work.  If I wanted to hear banter like this I would turn to a news radio station.


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Thanks for listening and taking the time to write. Its not about being liberal or conservative...its about being right. Redskin is a racial slur. If that's pompous then I where that stereotype proudly.



"Gillis, Adam J." wrote:

Guys,  I have enough stress in my life without tuning into to your radio station and listening to people argue about ridiculous subjects like this “Redskins” argument or the “Gay Athlete” topic.  Rude you are pompous and your shock jock questioning is ridiculous.  I really think you bring controversial topics up just to banter your liberalism.   Perry thanks for keeping it real with actual FACTS!!!


If you guys don’t stop these ridiculous topics I have several other options in Atlanta to get my sports commentary.




Adam Gillis

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